Ko Hyun-jung, "Haeundae" win grand prize at PaekSang Arts Awards

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Top Korean actress Ko Hyun-jung and "Haeundae" producer Yoon Je-kyun won the grand prize at the 46th PaekSang Arts Awards, held at the National Theater of Korea on Friday.

Ko claimed the top crown in the TV category for her portrayal of royal concubine Mi-shil in historical drama "Queen Seon-deok" while producer Yoon was awarded the same honor in the film category.
KBS2 TV's blockbuster drama "IRIS", which starred a handful of A-list Korean actors including Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee, was named the best drama at the event. Lee also picked up the best actor trophy for his lead role.

Popular MBC sitcom "High Kick Through The Roof" collected the best entertainment/variety show award and best new actress title for Hwang Jeong-eum.

MBC TV series "Queen of Housewives" also scored a double win at the ceremony -- best director and best actress trophy for Kim Nam-joo.
In the film category, sports flick "Take Off" was named the best picture and its lead actor Ha Jung-woo was awarded best actor.

Actress Ha Ji-won took the best actress title for her role in "Closer to Heaven" while her "Haeundae" co-star Lee Min-ki won for best new actor.

"Secret Reunion", which starred Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won, was handed best director and best scenario awards.

High1 Resort Popularity Awards went to singer/actor Lee Seung-gi, Girls' Generation member Yoon-ah (TV category), actor Jang Keun-suk and actress Choi Gang-hee (film).

2010 PaekSang Arts Awards - List of Winners


▲ Grand Prize : Ko Hyun-jung ("Queen Seon-deok", MBC)

▲ Best Show - Drama : "IRIS" (KBS2)
▲ Best Show - Culture : "Tears of Amazon" (MBC)
▲ Best Show - Entertainment/Variety : ("High Kick Through The Roof", MBC)

▲ Best Director : Ko Dong-seon ("Queen of Housewives", MBC)

▲ Best Actor : Lee Byung-hun ("IRIS", KBS2)
▲ Best Actress : Kim Nam-joo ("Queen of Housewives", MBC)

▲ Best Script : Chun Sung-il ("The Slave Hunters", KBS2)

▲ Best New Director : Yoo Hyun-ki ("Master of Study", KBS2)
▲ Best New Actor : Kim Nam-gil ("Queen Seon-deok", MBC)
▲ Best New Actress : Hwang Jeong-eum ("High Kick Through The Roof", MBC)

▲ TV Variety Show - Male : Park Sung-ho ("Gag Concert", KBS2)
▲ TV Variety Show - Female : Kang Yu-mi, Ahn Young-mi ("Gag Concert", KBS2)

▲ High1 Resort - Popularity Award - Male : Lee Seung-gi ("Shining Inheritance", SBS)
▲ High1 Resort - Popularity Award - Female : Yoon-ah of Girls' Generation ("Cinderella Man", MBC)


▲ Grand Prize : Yoon Je-kyun ("Haeundae", producer)

▲ Best Picture : "Take Off"

▲ Best Director : Jang Hun ("Secret Reunion")

▲ Best Scenario : Jang Min-seok ("Secret Reunion")

▲ Best New Director : Lee Ho-jae ("The Scam")

▲ Best Actor : Ha Jung-woo ("Take Off")
▲ Best Actress : Ha Ji-won ("Closer to Heaven")

▲ Best New Actor : Lee Min-ki ("Haeundae")
▲ Best New Actress : Jo An ("Lifting King Kong")

▲ High1 Resort - Popularity Award - Male : Jang Keun-suk ("The Case of Itaewon Homicide")
▲ High1 Resort - Popularity Award - Female : Choi Gang-hee ("Aeja")

▲ Instyle Fashionista Award : Son Ye-jin

▲ Lifetime Achievement Award : Bae Sam-ryong (posthumous)

Reporter : Lynn Kim
Photographer : Lee Ki-bum
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