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Actor Kim Ji-hoon to hold fan meeting in Japan

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Korean actor Kim Ji-hoon [Hi Star Entertainment]

Korean actor Kim Ji-hoon is set to hold his first fan meeting in Japan on November 13, according a press release by his agency.

The actor will meet with some 800 Japanese fans at Osaka's Sankei Hall Breeze on Friday evening, Hi Star Entertainment announced in the statement.

He last visited the country while promoting hit TV series "Love Marriage" and was invited back this time by KJNET, which plans and organizes Hallyu events in Japan.

"We planned this event because fans have continuously asked us to hold a fan meeting with Kim Ji-hoon," an official at KJNET was quoted as saying. "Kim Ji-hoon is being targeted as the next Hallyu star to carry on the Four Great Kings of Hallyu torch."

The actor is reportedly planning to sing his favorite karaoke song "I Think I Loved You" by Korean pop-rock group Yoon Do-hyun Band and have a Q&A session with the fans. The star is said to have been studying Japanese for the fan meeting.
Kim debuted in 2002 in the KBS TV series "Loving You" and has appeared in numerous dramas including "Golden Apple", "Love Hymn", "How Much Love" and last year's "Love Marriage", which co-starred Korean actress Kim Min-hee.

Reporter : Lynn Kim
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