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[REVIEW] KBS TV series "Poseidon" - 1st Episode

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Scene from KBS TV series "Poseidon" [KBS]

Scene from KBS TV series "Poseidon" [KBS]

KBS TV series "Poseidon" - Monday/Tuesday 9:55 p.m.Poseidon produced a spring to win control over the city of Athens but Athena, who gave its people the olive tree, was declared the victor and an angered Poseidon flooded the city. This competition of wisdom and dignity from a myth is being reenacted in the opposite way in a TV series. While SBS' "Athena" lost believability with the unwise activities of its secret agents, "Poseidon," from the very start, is providing its viewers with weak attractions. This does not mean everything in the show has to be on a large scale just because it has called itself a blockbuster. The drama rather showed it is obsession to do so through the excessive use of its cameras and visual effects even in parts that scale was not mandatory. But unnecessary display only makes the show seem more scanty.

And this is not a minor issue. The entire drama revolves around the powerful criminal Choi Hee-gon. The reason that weapons, drugs and organs are illegally traded, Kwon Jung-ryul's (Lee Sung-jae) wife dies and Kim Sun-woo (Choi Si-won) is traumatized is all because of Choi Hee-gon. Having a single absolute form of evil while omitting the complex mechanisms that involve greed and illegality has not brought out the reality of the drama but is rather just a typical setup for its genre. And it is not to say that the setup itself has been done poorly. It is just that an attractive optical illusion needs to be presented to maintain the latter. And as already mentioned, "Poseidon" showed its obsession to do so from the very beginning yet not a single scene has grabbed any attention. To emphasize again, this is not a minor issue. Ignoring a small hole could sink an entire vessel. The only solution is to block the hole.

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