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[REVIEW] KBS' "Love Rain" - 7th Episode

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A scene from KBS' "Love Rain" [KBS]

A scene from KBS' "Love Rain" [KBS]

In Brief
Seo Jun has been refusing to say sorry to Hana even though her picture had been used in an advertisement. But when his client (Lee Byung-joon) insisted that Hana should be the model, Seo Jun visits Hana at the arboretum. After Hana hears the news that Tae-sung (Kim Young-kwang) has a fiance, she accepts his offer to be the model for their brand. Meanwhile, feeling anxious about Yoon-hee (Lee Mi-sook) being back in Korea, Hye-jung (Yoo Hye-ri) asks In-ha about getting back together, but she gets refused. On a rainy day when Yoon-hee and In-ha reunite under a yellow umbrella, their love that has continued to the next generation began to give them a hard time.

Best or Worst
Worst: In-ha draws paintings but Seo Jun takes pictures; In-ha got to know Yoon-hee better while Seo Jun finds more information about her by looking at Hana’s mobile phone pictures and quizzes. Jumping 30 years of time with Jang Keun-suk and Yoona, “Love Rain” is presenting the culture gap between the 1970s and the 21st century. Neglecting the huge difference between the two generations, “Love Rain” has failed to go over the cliche storyline; instead of developing the characters to suit the time period, it simply described what younger generations are like at on a shallow level. All that is shown is a number of cuts through characters who appear in the series: a woman who is dressed fancy asks Seo Jun in a club, “What type of girls do you fall for?,” Seo Jun who has a list of criteria when choosing girls and believe that one has to be cool about breaking up and Hana, who plainly reveals her feelings toward Tae-sung and tells him that he is her ideal type. The characters, which all seem to have superficial personalities, are playing the game of love. While Sun-ho (Kim Si-hoo), who became a doctor after his father, Dong-wook (Kwon In-ha), is described as a young and stylish doctor who runs “General Doctor” in front of Hongdae, “Love Rain” has given an anachronistic image to Tae-sung, who was assigned a fiance since he was born. Maybe all these settings are just contradictions that suit “Love Rain.”

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