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Female pop group Wonder Girls made a splashing comeback with their new album "2 Different Tears" (2DT) over the weekend, according to a press release by agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE).

The girls celebrated the release of their much-anticipated new record in L.A., hosting a star-studded launch party at L.A.'s Conga Studio on Sunday.
The party, emceed by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, featured musical performances by many U.S. artists including School Gyrls, Cymphonique, Fabulous Girls and G-Soul.

In the official music video to "2DT" unveiled at the event, popular Korean-American comedian Bobby Lee, who appears in the video, is said to have drawn roars of laughter from the crowd.

Wonder Girls gave a live performance "2DT" as well as a medley of their previous K-pop No. 1 hits "Tell Me", "So Hot" and "Nobody." With Hilton, the girls also engaged in a web-chat session with their fans.
"The launching event for Wonder Girls is a first-ever attempt to be broadcast worldwide," an official at JYPE was quoted as saying. "Many industry executives who visited the L.A. party praised the attempt. We would like to thank the fans from the bottom of our hearts."

The release of "2DT" was celebrated around the world; in Korea, fans gathered at Mokdong CGV early in the morning and watched the L.A. party with boy bands 2AM and 2PM, who showed up to support and deliver a congratulatory message to Wonder Girls.

In Thailand, the entire show was broadcast live via with the fans watching from a studio in Bangkok. The local gathering was emceed by 2PM member Nichkhun's brother Nichan for the Thai fans.

Wonder Girls are arrived in Korea early today to promote "2DT", which is currently sweeping music charts since its release yesterday.

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