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From left, daybreak keyboard player Kim Jang-won, guitarist Jung Yoo-jong, vocalist Lee Won-suk and bassist Kim Sun-il. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

My name is daybreak. We're a four-man band, formed in 2006, composed of members Lee Won-suk (vocalist), Kim Jang-won (keyboard player), Kim Sun-il (bassist) and Jung Yoo-jong (guitarist).
At the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, our performance on "Hello Rookie Choice" was composed of songs from our second album.
The reason we went for broadcaster EBS' "Hello Rookie" was because we really wanted to be given the chance to stand on the stage of the Grand Mint Festival (GMF). We were the second performers to go on stage and the first song we played was the intro from our first album. It was moving to see that the number of people watching kept increasing from the initial 12. I think people from far back came close to the stage because of the intro song which has a melody that stimulates one's curiosity. (Jang-won: You could say that we got the crowd at GMF going.)
The lyrics for the title song to our second album come from Jung-won's actual experience. He's the type that falls for girls pretty easily so once, he was drinking with a girl that he likes and they decided to start dating but she didn't remember anything the next day so he got embarrassed. That's when I thought, 'Ah! This story is worthy of being used as lyrics.' (Yoo-jong: So it's not such a happy story.)
A band's fate seems to depend on the title track. When we sang "Man," the title track for our first album, we didn't have that many female fans and when we sang "Good," the title track for our EP album, we became a good band. I'm hoping we'll rock the music industry with our new song. Hahaha.
Won-suk and Jang-won recently started using Twitter. Sun-il just recently made a Cyworld account while Yoo-jong refuses to use smartphones because he says 2G phones are smart enough for him.

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