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Lee Min-ho - "I want to find a drama where I can find myself" - Part 2

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Lee Min-ho [Starhaus Entertainment]

Lee Min-ho [Starhaus Entertainment]

10: You must have had many thoughts and concerns in portraying Lee Yoon-sung. However, one’s acting may seem a bit unnatural if they have a lot on their mind. What was the one thing that you went with while acting?
Lee Min-ho (Lee): It was very important to capture the essence of the character. I knew that I would be able to portray Lee Yoon-sung without straying away from the script once I knew what he was thinking, his values and the right amount of emotions to express. So I think I tried to express my anger in a way that it would be based on loneliness but wouldn't seem strange.

10: Do you think that there are any points in which you can relate to a character like Lee Yoon-sung who wants to live an ordinary life even though you yourself have enjoyed your popularity and reached stardom through “Boys Over Flowers?
Lee: Lee Yoon-sung is quite a sad individual even from a third person's point of view. He lived a life that he didn’t want since the day he was born and never received any love from his parents. I think it’s only normal that he wants to live a normal life.

10: You said you thought of your loneliness while depicting on Lee Yoon-sung’s loneliness. When are you most lonely?
Lee: Before, I was the kind of person who enjoyed meeting strangers. I used to be very cheerful and friendly and tried to get to know a person in a broader sense but a lot of those characteristics faded away after I got a lot of attention from the audience. I began to avoid people if I felt slightly uncomfortable with them and I was sad with myself because I was struggling to think of things to talk about with a friend who I met after a year. At times, I even wondered whether this was the right way to live. I’m not sure where this loneliness comes from and as much as I put in my efforts to find a solution, I think it'll be difficult to do so if I stay an actor.

10: It seems as though you've started the second round to your career, after receiving a lot of attention for “Boys Over Flowers,” through “City Hunter” by showing a new side to you. What does starring in “City Hunter” mean for you career-wise?
Lee: I feel that I was able to show my potential as an actor through “City Hunter” and I had a strong image of being a 'pretty boy' after starring in “Boys Over Flowers.” I guess you could say that I was able to take a step closer to obtaining the title as a real actor. After “City Hunter,” I have been offered many different roles in not only cheerful productions but also in works that give off a serious and lonesome vibe. It feels as though my range of acting has expanded.

10: What kind of actor do you think has great potential?
Lee: I believe it is one who is able to express their emotions freely. An actor is someone that is able to maintain and express the character’s emotions effectively and leave an impression whether it is in a two or three hour long movie or in a 20-part drama. I honestly think that it [being an actor] is hard. (laugh) But I think one can pull it off if they have honesty and the audience can see it as well. I want to be able to express it just right without being too straightforward or weak.

10: What do you want to try for your next production?
Lee: I want to try acting a loose-ended acting. Like a loser who always visits a comic book store. (laugh) Or maybe do a film like “Twilight” where I can play someone that people can relate to although it's an imaginary world.
10: What are your reasons for wanting to play those kinds of roles?
Lee: I used to live my life just like those characters up til my middle and high school years. I used to drag around my slippers. (laugh) But I lost of a lot of those characteristics as I became an adult and I want to find those traits again through those roles. I feel like a lot of the fans want to see who the real Lee Min-ho is. I feel confident that I can pull off that role by bringing out my experiences.

10: You are now in your mid-twenties. Are you eager to get older?
Lee: Many male actors say that they are in a hurry to become 30 but I like myself now where I’m stuck between being a young man and an adult. I feel like I’m not limited to expressing myself. Maybe a person’s real appeal shows once they hit their thirties but I will probably be sad if my young image disappears. Honestly, I don’t even like the fact that time is going by right now. (laugh)

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