[INTERVIEW] Korean girl group miss A - Part 2

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My name is Min.
I was born on April 21, 1991. I don't live with my bandmates because my house is nearby but everyone is still sleeping since I leave early in the morning so I don’t get to eat home-cooked meals.
I've never experienced any misconceptions like the lyrics to "Bad Girl Good Girl" because I went to school in North America. People usually said, 'You dance? Oh that's cool.'
I never understood what it meant when someone says your Korean becomes awkward after you come back from another country. I actually believe it now because I've experienced it. I usually mix in English phrases when I can’t think of Korean words but now I'm putting an effort into translating things into Korean.
I think miss A has a lot of female fans. Maybe it is because we show a lot of charisma when we're on stage. I visit our fan website everyday and people leave comments like 'As a female fan I think you guys are cool' and many fans call Fei a goddess.
We usually mix Korean and Chinese when we talk to each other.
I usually call Fei by her name but since Korean culture believes in respecting people who are older than you, even if it's just by a year, I call her Fei unni [word used by females to call another woman who is older] when we're on television because I don't want to cause any misunderstanding. It's great for Suzy [the youngest member] that we didn't go to school in Korea because we aren't picky about age.
We frequently compliment each other. I am jealous of Suzy's thin voice, Jia's rhythmic sense and fast reflexes and Fei's ability to reach high notes. (laugh)
I'm a blood type A but I don't believe in personalities matching the blood type. Especially how they say that bloodtype As are timid! Everyone is timid, not just As!
If we were to go on a talk show where we could act the way we do normally, then I'll probably do the best. I'm the kind of person that shows my emotions completely when I'm feeling happy. The members laugh a lot because of me. (Jia: Min is full of energy and when she's next to us we feel like that too.)
Michael Jackson is like a God to me. It was my wish to meet him at least once in my life and I was so sad when I found out he passed away. Ah, I even fantasized about shaking his hand!
If I get the chance, I want to learn Spanish. Just like how many Koreans learn English and Americans learn Spanish as their second language. I learned it when I was in high school but I forgot everything.

My name is Suzy.
I was born on October 10, 1994. I have an older sister and a younger brother; we are all two years apart. My younger brother, who is learning shooting and soccer, asks a lot about my activities with miss A. But when I ask my sister if I did well, and she usually doesn't say sweet things, she replies nonchalantly, 'Yes, yeah.'
My hometown is in the city of Gwangju in the Jeolla Province. I became enamored with a dance crew that I saw while checking out some dance schools near the Chungjang area so I went to them the very next day and told them I wanted to learn to dance. I was part of their team for about six months.
I went to an audition for "Superstar K" a year ago, which is where I caught the eye of a JYP employee. I was on my way to the bathroom when the employee asked if I wanted to try out for the JYP audition. I became a trainee after I showed my singing and dancing skills on the street.
Before I signed with JYP, I didn't know that trainees spent so much time preparing. But when I see the other members' skills it shows how much time they put into it. I told myself that I wanted to practice hard to become just like them but I wasn't able to gain more experience because we made our debut after I prepared only for a year. That was a bit upsetting. (Min: You can still learn because you're young. There is nothing to be upset about.)
I transferred schools from Gwangju to Seoul after making my debut with miss A. I made some friends when I first changed schools but I've missed out on several classes because of my work. I'm sad because I haven't been able to hang out with them.
When I was a trainee, the most interesting thing was getting to see actual celebrities. There isn't really a specific celebrity that I wanted to meet but I remember when I saw the members of 2PM, I was very fascinated and thought 'Oh? It's 2PM."
Our facial expressions are really important when we perform "Bad Girl Good Girl." But I found it difficult to put on my expressions at first because I was young and didn't have much experience. I referred to movies, photographs and magazines since Park Jin-young told me I had to smirk.
Usually we are so busy that we don't have the time to realize that we are No. 1 on music charts. But right before I go to sleep, I think to myself that it's interesting that we are No. 1 and that I'm part of miss A.
Min says that she's jealous of my thin voice but I'm jealous of hers.
If we were to appear on a variety show, I want to be on MBC's "Come On Over." I just want to go on over. (laugh) I want to meet MC Yoo Jae-suk and I think the small room talking session will be fun.

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