[STAR DIARY] Lee Min-ho - Part 1

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When character Goo Joon-pyo first appeared in the drama "Boys Over Flowers", it caused quite a sensation. With a hairstyle that looked made him look like someone who had just jumped out of a comic book and strong facial features, Lee Min-ho seem familiar yet difficult to place.

Some say that Lee Min-ho "became a star overnight" as he became an A-lister after starring in "Boys Over Flowers." But he too had once been an aspiring actor who had been rejected at many auditions.
And after "Boys Over Flowers," he has been trying to set up a foundation for another take-off through MBC's Wednesday and Thursday evening drama "Personal Taste," co-starring actress Son Ye-jin. After appearing in five dramas and two movies in three years since making his debut, Lee Min-ho is now opening up about himself. "Lee Min-ho's Star Diary" will run in ten episodes. [Editor's Note]

Lee Min-ho showed up at a cafe in Seoul's Cheongdam-dong area to be interviewed for "Star Diary," looking no different from the newcomer actor he had been before he took on "Boys Over Flowers." Lee, who smiles and remarks that he "took a little break from the drama and shot a commercial today," looked more like an ordinary young man than a top star.
Lee Min-ho is making a comeback to the small screen with "Personal Taste" exactly a year since wrapping up "Boys Over Flowers." There were many changes in his life during that year -- he has become an undeniable A-lister, shooting over ten commercials, but his newfound fame also meant less freedom. He does not seem to mind it too much though.

"I was totally into skiing this winter. I think I went skiing like ten times." How was he able to enjoy skiing freely at the ski resort, which is full of people? "Nobody recognized me because I was wearing goggles and a mask. I went twice with Bum [as in actor Kim Bum], who I became close with during 'Boys Over Flowers.' It was his first time skiing but he's very athletic so he learned quickly."

While most young people enjoy snowboarding these days, Lee is sticking to skiing. "I'm the kind of person who enjoys speed more than technique, like going fast in straight descent. Haha."

But he got caught by fans a few times. "There's nothing you can do about lunchtime. When one person sees and recognizes me, then all the fans at the ski resort start looking for Lee Min-ho. Word on the color of my skiwear and the shape of my goggles spread instantly. Once I was walking down the stairs, and I heard people walking up and saying 'I heard Lee Min-ho came here today.'" (laugh)

It was around his freshman year in high school when Lee Min-ho first thought about taking up acting. "It was a means to get into college, maybe? (laugh) I was working as a model for magazines and decided to try acting after meeting my current boss. I started going to auditions regularly after I got accepted to Konkuk University as a film arts major. After a few rejections, I was cast in the EBS drama 'Secret Campus' where I made my acting debut."

He has a lot of memories about "Secret Campus" as it was his first real acting job. "It was where I first met [actress Park] Bo-young who is now one of my best friends. My character was very brusque so it wasn't too hard to play him, but I didn't really know anything about acting back then. When I had to shoot a fight scene, I would really fight. I even broke a finger and had to put a cast on it. Haha. EBS played re-runs of "Secret Campus" up until last year but I turned the channel because I could see that I was so stiff in it. I am not the kind of person who can watch my own work."

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