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Park Bo-young sued by movie producers for fraud

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Korean actress Park Bo-young [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Park Bo-young of hit 2008 film "Speedy Scandal" has been sued for fraud by a film production company, according to a local media report.

Cookie News reported Wednesday that production company Botem had filed a suit to the Seoul Central District Court two days earlier, accusing the actress and her agency Humane Entertainment of fraud and embezzlement.

Botem reportedly accused Park of falsely promising to appear in the film [tentatively titled] "Sounds of Ice" when she had no intention of doing so. Other reports said Humane, who was set to co-produce the film, allegedly appropriated 95 million won worth of production funds.

However, Park's agency has spoken out about the issue, saying that they feel upset and wronged by the accusations.

An official at Humane Entertainment explained over a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Wednesday that recent media reports only wrote about the producers' point of view and that "there is room for misunderstanding by fans."
"We are planning to announce our official statement soon," the official said.

Park, 19, debuted in 2006 in the high-school TV drama "Secret Campus", which also starred actor Lee Min-ho. She rose to fame two years later, appearing alongside Hallyu star Cha Tae-hyun in the film "Speedy Scandal", which became one the most-watched movies of the year.

Reporter : Park So-yoen
Editor : Lynn Kim
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