Jung Kyoung-ho to be discharged from military

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Korean actor Jung Kyoung-ho poses for the camera in a picture uploaded on his official website. [fantagio]

Korean actor Jung Kyoung-ho will return to his acting career after completing his two-year mandatory military service today.

A rep with his agency fantagio told the magazine in a phone interview Tuesday that Jung completed his mandatory military service as an active soldier and a member of the military band, which joined in November 2010.

"Jung will meet with local media outlets and fans in front of his camp at 10 in the morning today. He will meet and greet them once he is discharged," the fantagio official said.

When asked about his upcoming activities, the rep said that the agency is currently looking through many scenarios for TV series and movies for Jung to make his comeback with, but nothing has been set in stone.

"Jung will shoot several advertisements and we are also planning to hold fan meetings in Korea and abroad."
Jung made his debut in 2004 through the mobile drama "5 Star" and rose to stardom with the role he played in KBS' popular TV series “I'm Sorry, I Love You" in 2004.

Since then he has played both the lead and supporting roles on small screen including “Time Between Dog and Wolf” (MBC, 2007), “Princess Jamyung” (SBS, 2009), and “Smile, You” (SBS, 2009-2010).

His filmography also includes films “Gangster High (2006),” “Someone Dear is Far Away" and “Running Turtle (2009).”

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