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[INTERVIEW] Actress Wang Ji-hye

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Interview with actress Wang Ji-hye

Actress Wang Ji-hye [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Actress Wang Ji-hye [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

My name is Wang Ji-hye.
I was born on December 29, 1985.
I have a brother who is a year older than me. But we are cutthroat when it comes to spending money. (laugh) We usually split the cost on whatever we buy or return a favor for a reward but now I sometimes even give him money to buy clothes.
In SBS' "Protect the Boss," Eun-seol (Choi Kang-hee) has a way with Na-yoon rather than Na-yoon being careless. That's why Eun-seol always wins and can talk back to Na-yoon. This is probably just more so because Na-yoon has never met anyone like Eun-seol.
I had given up on looking good when I got hit by a tin can thrown by Eun-seol. (laugh) Of course, I always put a lot of effort into my make-up and hair but I given up on trying to look pretty when I am acting.
The similarities between Na-yoon and myself is our huge reactions and expressions. People have told me that I always overreact or that I am buoyant. Our difference is that I’m not the kind of person that tries to cling onto people like how Na-yoon does although she's an outcast.
You will soon see a whole different side to Na-yoon. She will be indebted to Eun-seol after she rebels against her parents and leaves home. It will be just like how Ji-heon (Ji-sung) was in the beginning when Eun-seol's friend glares at him for whining to Eun-seol. (laugh)
Jaejoong, who plays the role of Cha Moo-won, laughs a lot. He burst into laughter during the elevator scene where I tell Ji-heon and Moo-won to shut up and be quiet. He also suddenly broke into laughter when my character was drunk said that she was going to take Eun-seol home. (laugh)
I received a lot of negative criticism when I played the role of In-hee in MBC's "Personal Taste." It was to the point where a close guy friend told me that he hoped that he wouldn't see me on the streets. But I wasn't hurt by any of that and I just told myself that I was getting criticized because I was doing a good job in portraying the role. (laugh)
I do pretend to act innocent at times but it doesn't even last a week. I think that's what my boyfriends liked about me whenever I was in a relationship.
I bought an iPad so that I can play games. (laugh) I am really into Kartrider and Smurfs' Village these days. I spent a lot of money on Smurfs' Village. I even wake up in the middle of the night because I have to grow my plants or they will spoil. Besides Smurfs' Village, I also play Nintendo Wii games which tire me out because I'll only be satisfied after I reach the final levels.
The most feminine hobby I have is cooking. I learned how to make chocolates which I still do now. Your chocolate will be lustrous if you measure the temperature just right when you pour it into the pan.
I am good at eating everything. My co-stars from "Protect the Boss" were stunned to see how well I drank when we went on our overnight trip.
I am the kind of person that doesn't gain weight compared to the quantity of food that I eat. I also enjoy eating the food props on set for the drama. It was to the extent where a staff member asked my manager if I had eaten because I kept eating the fish cake soup while shooting a drinking scene with Eun-seol. (laugh)
I recently got my driver's license but I was more nervous getting it than when I went in for my very first shoot. I failed my driving test three times before so I had even decided to take it in Mungyeong City or Taebaek if I failed it again. A police officer had told me that I only need to drive straight in those regions since they only have one traffic light. (laugh)
I love taking part in risque photo shoots. It is because I am able to show a different side to myself than in dramas. Once, I took pictures where I colored my eye area all black as if I smothered charcoal and another where I donned a curly orange wig.
My goal is to play the female lead in a project before I turn thirty. I want to play a character like Candy, the bright and high spirited girl, or be in a melodrama. But I'm not too worried.
I think that people are really important. Many times, people swayed my decisions at critical moments but I'm satisfied with my choices, even if they've probably slowed down my career. I've also always been right in going with people.

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