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Actor Yoon Kye-sang's Song Picks

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Yoon Kye-sang [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

Yoon Kye-sang [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

Yoon Kye-sang was 27 years old when he wanted to become an actor. And it may be an age which is not weird for a man, after graduating college and fulfilling his mandatory military duties, to decide on his career path but it meant something different for Yoon who had already been at the top of his career as a singer. It may not have been something he achieved on his own but 27 is an age where one knows all too well of what to fear, especially when he had seen success but decided to go back to the starting point and go through trial and error. "It felt like I could do something well by myself. That too at the age of 27. It came to me when I was all grown up and was thinking about life so imagine how much I must've obsessed over it. I had so little time and was sorry to see time move forward. I'm the type that sees the end when I focus on something but there was a desire and liking added to that so I obsessed over it a lot. That's why I don't care if others criticize me. I won't waver, really. Because acting is all mine - it's not something that others can take away from me."

With his lack of acting skills which is only natural for a new actor and the prejudice of him as being a former idol star, Yoon, leading a less-than-easy life of an actor got hurt by others and accidentally hurt others. "I said some nonsensical things while fighting against the prejudice but I made the mistakes because I didn't know for which I apologized and moved on." And after such ups and downs, Yoon's acting career met a meaningful turning point with MBC TV series "The Greatest Love" and movie "Poongsan." Through oriental medicine doctor Yoon Pil-joo who maximized Yoon's mild-mannered first impression, he showed a thoughtful man. And through Poongsan who did not say a single line yet through his eyes and body told a story more weighty than a thousand words, he showed the world of his potential and assets. It may be eight years since he has walked the path of an actor but his heart is exactly where it was when he was 27, when he put down everything, and now wants to live as a good person to become a good actor. He may be the type of guy that due to his sincerity, will throw a fast ball into the very center of a catcher's mitt, even if the batter may hit a home run with it. But no matter how much he loses hope and drive, here are his recommendations on the songs that encourage him stand back on the acting mound.

Actor Yoon Kye-sang's Song Picks
1. SunnyHill "The Greatest Love Original Soundtrack Part 3"
“When I hum ‘Thump Thump,' it brings forth sort of this complex emotion within me. I think it's a song that delivers the exact feelings I felt when I was a singer. The song was made to be the show's girl group song from ten years ago but it's so similar to the songs that girl groups like Fin.K.L. and S.E.S sang that it reminds me of those times. It almost feels like (Ock) Joo-hyun would appear and start singing. (laugh)" The first song that Yoon recommended was "Thump Thump," the main theme song to drama "The Greatest Love." This song, which made main male character Dogko Jin's heart beat, has become a cheering song for Yoon as well. The song's actual composer has said that Fin.K.L was his motif for making the song.

Actor Yoon Kye-sang's Song Picks
2. Police, Sting "The Very Best of Sting & the Police"
“I like the movie 'Leon' a lot. And I like 'A Better Tomorrow' a lot too - noir films with heroes that aren't like heroes. In particular, Matilda is what moves Leon and that's how it's similar to my film 'Poongsan.' And when I listen to song 'Shape of My Heart,' [raises body] it's as if my body is empowered to this extent - to make me rise up like this. It makes me feel like I'll be able to brave through anything even if I may be having a hard time now." "The Shape of My Heart" by Sting, famous for his lyrical music and philosophical lyrics, was Yoon's second song recommendation. The song is also the ringback tone to Yoon's mobile phone.

Actor Yoon Kye-sang's Song Picks
3. Ne-Yo "Beautiful Monster (Single)"
“I ride my bicycle often. It's my hobby to ride round-trip at night from Chungdam-dong to Yeoido along the Han River. And one day, I was riding my bike when I came across 'Beautiful Monster' for which I realized at one point that I was pedaling faster. I kept listening to this song for almost a month. It's a song that empowers me when I'm on breaks." "Beautiful Monster" by Ne-Yo, one of the most popular R&B vocalists in Korea, was Yoon's third recommendation. Of this song which gradually builds up your emotions with its beat and pulls up the speed of your heartbeat, Yoon said, "The emotion within the song reaches a climax." Some have criticized Ne-yo as having lost his style due to "Beautiful Monster" being different from his original songs but melody remains addictive.
Actor Yoon Kye-sang's Song Picks
4. Park Bom's digital single "DON'T CRY"
“Park Bom is a singer that I really like. I think she sings extremely well. I like her to the point that I watch YG's Internet broadcaster 'YG ON AIR' everytime. Park Bom isn't an idol singer. She's a musician." Yoon is well-known for liking Park Bom. Yoon, who said he always felt uncomfortable over the excessive popularity he enjoyed as a singer when he lacked musical talent, fell in love with Park Bom's singing abilities. Her second solo song "DON'T CRY" released this April was received favorably by critics and fans for her appealing voice which befitted the melody of the piano on the backdrop of a house beat.

Actor Yoon Kye-sang's Song Picks
5. Yiruma's 3rd album "From The Yellow Room"
“I go to sleep so easily when I listen to 'Kiss the Rain.' It calms my heart and it's a song that somehow makes me feel like I'd have good dreams." The last song that Yoon recommended was Yiruma's piano piece "Kiss the Rain," a tune whose distinct piano melody is similar to the sound of the falling drops of rain. The song, also befitting its subtitle "In the Rain," is also a song that is requested a lot particularly on rainy days. Yiruma, a composer and pianist whose tunes contain delicate emotions within simple melodies, is also considered a new age artist. But whatever genre he is defined by, one thing for sure is that he does music that heals the heart. The name "From the Yellow Room," his third album featuring song "Kiss the Rain," comes from the room he worked in when he was in London being in the shade of a yellow.

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