Jung Gyu-woon joins cast of upcoming SBS medical drama

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Korean actor Jung Gyu-woon [InStyle]

Korean actor Jung Gyu-woon has been cast as one of the male leads for an upcoming SBS drama.

A press release from his agency N.O.A Entertainment announced Friday that Jung will join actor Park Shin-yang and actress Kim Ah-joong for the medical drama titled "Sign." Jung will be playing the role of a playful yet scatterbrained inspector named Choi E-han.

"I am excited to be given a chance to work on another drama right away. I am determined and ready to take on this role since it will be my first time playing an inspector and the qualities of my character is similar to who I play in 'Doctor Champ,'" Jung was quoted as saying.

"Sign," helmed by famed producer Jang Hang-joon from movies "Break Out" and "Attack the Gas Station 2," is Korea's first medical drama on forensic scientists at a national institute for scientific institution.

The medical drama will begin its run on January 5 after current series "The President" starring Ko Hyun-jung and Kwon Sang-woo ends its run.
Jung made his debut in the mobile drama "5 Stars" and has since starred in numerous TV shows including "Happy Girl," "Women in the Sun," "Love Me Once Again" and "I Love You Ten Million Times," which aired in Japan in May.

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