Jung Gyu-woon to hold 1st Japan fan meeting

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Korean actor Jung Gyu-woon [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Jung Gyu-woon will hold his first-ever fan meeting in Japan later today, according to his agency N.O.A Entertainment on Friday.

N.O.A stated in a press release that the fan meeting for Jung will be held at the Zero Hall in Nagoya, Japan.

"He has been receiving a great amount of interest from the Japanese audience since his drama 'I Love You Ten Million Times' began its run in the country. The fan meeting was sold out and all 500 seats will be filled," explained an associate from N.O.A.

Jung was quoted saying, "I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am looking forward to meeting my Japanese fans."

The actor is also scheduled to attend an interview and press conference with some of the major media outlets in Japan.
Jung made his debut in the mobile drama "5 Stars" and has had numerous roles on the small screen including "Happy Girl," "Women in the Sun" and "Love Me Once Again."

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