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[REVIEW] MBC TV series "Hero" starring Lee Jun-ki

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Actor Lee Jun-ki, lead male role of TV series "Hero." [MBC]

'Dae-se Ilbo' is the name of the huge media company that reporter Jin Do-hyuk (played by Lee Jun-ki) at third-rate newspaper 'Yong-duk Ilbo,' has to face up to. While the outcome of the competition between Wednesday and Thursday's prime time dramas is settled to a certain extent, MBC has revealed its hidden card, "Hero." In its premiere episode, the new TV series exerted its full-fledged efforts to build a steady cornerstone for its future run. Do-hyuk has definitely succeeded in shedding the stereotype of a passionate reporter who fights for justice and at the same time Joo Jae-in (Yoon Soy-yi) also effectively displays her charisma as a police officer. Supporting actors, including a team of reporters from 'Monday Seoul' smuggling into the concert of a girl band Kara to produce scandal articles, also revealed their own unique characteristics. And Baik Yoon-shik in particular, leaves a great impression on the viewers through his way of expressing the loneliness of a head gangster after being released from the prison without having to recite that many lines. By keeping the array of incidents concise in first episode and putting more emphasis on showing the unique traits of each character, "Hero" provided sufficient grounds to launch 'Yong-duk Ilbo.' This newspaper company in the TV series will probably survive as a critical media in spite of the threats from the giant 'Dae-se Ilbo.' It be interesting to watch how "Hero" also survives the cut-throat competition against other dramas.

Reporter : Yoonina, TV Critic
Editor: Linda Kim
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