Park Hae-jin, Lee Bo-young, CNBLUE Lee Jung-shin wish good luck for new TV series

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"My Daughter Seo-young" [translated title] main cast members Lee Bo-young (top third to left), Chun Ho-jin (top third to left), Park Jung-ah (top right), Park Hae-jin (bottom left), Lee Jung-shin (bottom center) and Lee Sang-yoon (bottom right) pose together during the good luck ceremony for the drama on the set in Yeoido, Seoul on September 6, 2012. [Bliss Media]

Korean actor Park Hae-jin, actress Lee Bo-young, and boy band CNBLUE’s Lee Jung-shin has attended a good luck ceremony to wish for their upcoming show's success.

On September 6, the main cast members of "My Daughter Seo-young" [translated title] were spotted on the show's set in Seoul, where they held a religious ritual before airing the series on KBS, according to PR company Bliss Media’s press release Friday.

The drama's two families--one with twins Lee Bo-young and Park Hae-jin; the other with brother and sister actor Lee Sang-yoon, actress Park Jung-ah, and Lee Jung-shin--bowed in turn and showed a strong teamwork, the officials added.

Led by director Yoo Hyun-gi of "Brain" (KBS, 2011), the family drama will circle around the touching story of a father [played by actor Chun Ho-jin] and a daughter [played by Lee Bo-yeong], who were in broken relationship but later reunite with the help of her twin brother [played by Park Hae-jin].

As the follow-up to KBS weekend family drama "My Husband Got a Family," the new TV series will air in the weekend prime time slot beginning September 15.

"My Daughter Seo-young" [translated title] main cast member Lee Bo-young (top right) and Lee Sang-yoon (bottom center) wish the show's success during the good luck ceremony on the set in Yeoido, Seoul on September 6, 2012. [Bliss Media]

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