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Actor Jung Suk-won's Song Picks

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Jung Suk-won [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Jung Suk-won [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Jung Suk-won went into action school because he was amazed by martial arts director Jung Doo-hong and it was with his advising that he decided to join the Marine Corps. And while he received training in the military, he was sure enough about his dream to become a martial arts director that when everyone else was calling out the names of their mothers or girlfriends, Jung Suk-won shouted out, "I will become the world's best martial arts director." Then while a stuntman his distinct facial features got him an acting gig which led to his decision to become an actor. Yet unlike his thought that "working hard, like with sports, would help bring improvements," his acting skills did not improve. "I like acting without force so I did that but people couldn't hear what I'm saying. [laughs] I couldn't even vocalize myself properly but I only realized that recently." And he has been going through much trial and error while playing his roles in SBS' "Doctor Champ," SBS' "Midas" and KBS' "Ojakgyo Brothers." "I felt awkward playing a cute and warm-hearted person and I still seem unnatural with where my eyes go when the camera moves."

Yet although such trial and error was "tough" they were "bearable because they were necessary." "When you learn to do difficult skills like 540 degrees kicks, you need to repeat the basic move. You won't suddenly acquire the skill one day. And I think it's similar with acting. You need technique but it's also something you can't rush to make work." That is why he faces the obstacles he is met with regarding acting though they may be hard to overcome. Below are songs he said helped pull himself together for when he was going through hard times.
Actor Jung Suk-won's Song Picks
1. Kim Dong-ryul "Shadow Of Forgetfulness"
The first song that Jung Suk-won thought of was Kim Dong-ryul's "Lonely Voyage." "I used to listen to a lot of songs to comfort my loneliness while going from my home in Incheon to the action school in Paju." The voice of Kim Dong-ryul, a musician who completes his music by carefully refining his sentimentality than going with the general trend, and his lyrics such as 'Even though the burning sun and violent wind may feel heavy, with the hope that I may one day reach the road I silently walk on,' are consoling to people who work alone at making their dreams come true. Kim Dong-ryul, who recently released a new album for the first time in a year, still makes warm and mellow music. "Lonely Voyage" is perfect for rooting for those who are fighting a new battle everyday to achieve dreams that are hard to achieve.
Actor Jung Suk-won's Song Picks
2. Michael Jackson "Invincible"
Listening to sad ballads when you are depressed can rather be consoling. "Butterflies" by the late Michael Jackson is such a song. Like its lyrics ("All I gotta say is that I must be dreaming, can't be real. You're not here with me, still I can feel you near me"), the song contains a lonesomeness that makes it seem as if one is walking a street alone while silently muttering to themselves. "Invincible," Jackson's first studio album in five years which stands out for the clear and cool groove from the very beginning, does not lack in any way even with just his silvery voice. "Everybody likes Michael Jackson. I can't explain it in words but I find myself listening to this song a lot when I'm lonely and alone," Jung explained and like he said, the appeal to the song lies in the lonesome vibe it gives off.

Actor Jung Suk-won's Song Picks
3. Stevie Wonder "A Time To Love >
"I think Stevie Wonder's unique tone of voice is great. I think this song helped rid me of a lot of the lonely feelings as well." Another song that empowered Jung when he was having a hard time was Stevie Wonder's "Moon Blue." The song, a very bluesy song with just his weighty voice on top, is like a landscape painting drawn at night. That is why his tone which moves freely about the melody gives off a dreamy vibe when met with poetic lyrics like "Moon blue, memories bind like chains. When will you come again I wait in darkness just for your bright to beam." The vibe to the song where one's loneliness is emphasized with the repetition of the lyrics to "Moon Blue" is as great as Stevie Wonder's voice.

Actor Jung Suk-won's Song Picks
4. LeeSSang " HEXAGONAL"
"I enjoy listening to hip-hop songs as well. I think I listen to music regardless of genre. And this is a song that makes me feel that I should work harder." The fourth music that Jung picked was LeeSSang's "To LeeSSang." LeeSSang does not pass a consoling word to others in a condescending way. But their lyrics which tell of reality in the way it is, rather produces hopeful music. The moment that the 'you' listens to their music with the lyrics, 'Remember the time when you only had dust in your pockets. The time when you wrote lyrics in your dirty room all night long, dreaming of a miracle, while readying to jump into the world,' the song also becomes your resolution. "I like all of LeeSSang's songs because it's easy to relate to them. It reminds me of when I too just believed in myself when I was young and was going through a hard time."
Actor Jung Suk-won's Song Picks
5. Baek Ji-young "Thousand Days Promise OST Part 1"
The last song was "It Hurts Here" by Baek Ji-young. The song heightens the tragic vibe to SBS TV series "Thousand Days Promise" which tells about the love between a man and a woman with Alzheimer's disease. Baek Ji-young's earnest voice, which stood out in SBS' "Secret Garden" and KBS' "The Princess' Man," is perfect for expressing the dramatic emotions of the characters to "Promise." "I'm enjoying the drama as well. I think that's why I like it even more," Jung said while smiling like an innocent child. This song, which is also probably special for him for a reason unnecessary to be asked, shows the reason Baek Ji-young is strong with singing the original soundtracks to dramas.

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