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[REVIEW] SBS TV series "Protect the Boss" - 1st Episode

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Choi Gang-hee from a scene in SBS TV series "Protect the Boss" [SBS]

Choi Gang-hee from a scene in SBS TV series "Protect the Boss" [SBS]

SBS TV series "Protect the Boss" - Wednesdays/Thursdays 9:55 p.m.
Noh Eun-seol's (Choi Gang-hee) self-introduction was a true introduction of herself. From her story on how she did not study in high school to how she fought for tuition costs to be cut when in college to the time when she did not date a single guy while trying to get her life straight to her current situation where she is trying to get employed in someway or another. And due to Eun-seol's vigorous introduction on herself, which switched between her past and present, SBS TV series "Protect the Boss" was able to make its viewers know for sure what its main character is like. Even in the exaggerated situations where she knocked down the president (Ahn Nae-sang) of a private loans company where sexual harrassment occurs habitually and she left a job interview after speaking all that is on her mind, such situations contain Eun-seol's tearful anger in having put up with her past pains "to be treated like a human being" and her concern over there not being a single job for her in Seoul.

But the main female character is not the only weapon "Protect the Boss" holds. Chairman Cha (Park Young-kyu) and the people of the conglomerate family, direct satire of conglomerates in real life, cleverly edge past the cliches dramas draw on regarding conglomerates and present themselves as the main cause for comedy. And it goes beyond the drama trying to differentiate Cha Ji-heon's (Ji-sung) character from the typical heir to conglomerates .There is a reason and situation to why every character acts the way they do in "Protect the Boss." It is not easy to come across a romantic comedy where in just its first episode, it makes itself understood naturally through the dialogue exchanged by its characters instead of presenting its viewers with a long explanation. In just a single episode, "Protect the Boss" has managed to do plenty of explaining on its characters and background by showing the necessary scenes at the right time and it also convinced viewers of why the two main characters have to meet as boss and assistant. If well begun is half done, "Protect the Boss" has shown half of its potential through its well-made characters and situation. A Cinderella who is not a nuisance, does not cry, works hard to make a living and is even cute, has appeared. She may be worth keeping an eye on.

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