[JIFF] Jung Il-woo, Kim So-eun: Goal is to watch a movie and have a get-together

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Jung Il-woo and Kim So-eun [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

The two are as full of life as the month of May. Jung Il-woo and Kim So-eun, the promotional ambassadors for the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF), are not experienced or matured actors as JIFF's past PR ambassadors were. But instead they are an aggregate of possibilities, just like dough which can be kneaded into any form before it hardens. More than anything, the sincerity they have for films will aid them the most on their path as actors. Jung picked French short film "Le Diner" as the film he had the most fun watching recently and Kim said she still remembers the first time she attended a film festival, which was with "The Show Must Go On" (2007). To these two who enjoy movies, their goal at this year's JIFF is to watch a movie. Kim, taking 18 credits worth of classes in college this semester and Jung, busy filming his drama "49 Days," declared they will "watch at least one short film." The two, managed by the same agency, also spoke of their plans to "definitely have a get-together," so do not be surprised if you come across these stars on the streets of the fest.

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