Choung Kyung-ho meets 500 fans in Japan on Sunday

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Korean actor Choung Kyung-ho held his first-ever fan meeting in Japan over the weekend, meeting with some 500 fans at the event, according to his agency N.O.A Entertainment on Monday.

A press release from N.O.A. announced that the actor held the event titled "Choung Kyung-ho 1st Fanmeeting in Tokyo" at the IMA Hall on August 8, where he sang "Special Person" from the soundtrack for hit TV series "I'm Sorry, I Love You" and made red bean-paste ice flakes for his fans.
He also spoke with them in his waiting room as part of the 'waiting room tour' for the fan meeting and ended the meet and greet with a hand-shaking event followed by a photograph session with the fans.

"I was really nervous at first to be meeting my fans in Japan but was relieved that everyone had a great time. I had a good time even though it was short meeting and hopefully, I'll get to see everyone again in the near future with a new project," Choung was quoted as saying, thanking his fans who showed up at the event.

He also expressed his gratitude to his Japanese fans who threw him a surprise birthday party during the fan event by saying, "I was wished happy birthday by so many people this year. There are no words to express my happiness and I will treasure this feeling forever."
A day before the fan meeting, Choung attended a special screening and promotional event hosted by Japan’s LaLaTV for series "Ja Myeong Go," which will air in mid-October. He met with numerous local media outlets such as The Daily Yomiuri, Tokyo Shimbun and JCOM Magazine, talking about his role and the show.

The 26-year-old actor first appeared in the mobile drama "5 Star" in 2004. He rose to stardom with his role in the KBS' hit series "I'm Sorry, I Love" (KBS) and recently in the weekend drama "Smile, You" (SBS).

Choung has also appeared in films "All For Love" (2005), "Sunny" (2008) and "Turtle is Running" (2009).

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