Kyuhyun says "had about 20% chance to live" 3 years ago

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Super Junior member Kyuhyun during a guest appearance on variety show "Steel Heart" [SBS]

Super Junior member Kyuhyun has said that he had "about 20 percent or less of a chance to live" when he got involved in a serious car accident three years ago.

The singer spoke about his 2007 accident during a guest appearance on SBS variety show "Steel Heart," which aired Tuesday evening and also featured bandmates Siwon, Donghae, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong.

"The car that Super Junior members were riding in rolled over on the road and I was hurt very badly," said Kyuhyun on the show. "I was in a coma for four days... Everyone thought that I was going to die."

"I was in such a critical condition that the doctor said I needed immediate surgery," the singer went onto say. "But even if I underwent a major operation which would cut through my throat, I had about 20 percent or less chance to live."

The pop idol shed tears when he explained that his father, who had long disapproved of his dream of becoming a singer, was reluctant to agree to the surgery.
He told the doctor, "This kid is a singer and it is his dream to sing... Even if he survives the surgery he would not be living [if unable to sing afterwards]."

Eventually, the doctor was able to think of another operation method which recovered Kyuhyun from the car accident.

Kyuhyun, 24, is one of the four lead vocalists of the 13-man band Super Junior and also a member of its sub-group Super Junior-M. He also released his solo single "Listen To You," which was featured on the soundtrack of hit TV series "Pasta" (MBC, 2010) earlier this year.

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