"Smile, You" shoots outdoor wedding scene in the cold

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Actress Lee Min-jung and actor Jung Kyung-ho shoot a scene for TV series "Smile, You" at a repair shop in Seoul, South Korea on February 5, 2010. [SBS]

SBS TV series "Smile, You"
- Have you ever seen an outdoor wedding held in subzero weather?

One February day which feels about ten degrees below zero celcius, guests are filling up the front yard of "Seungri Car Center" where a biting wind is blowing from the nearby Han River. Character Jung-in (played by Lee Min-jung), who met Hyun-soo (played by Jung Kyung-ho) the day she broke off her engagement with Han-se (played by Lee Kyu-han", will finally be wearing a wedding dress again. Like the many obstacles the show has faced, the weather -- so cold that one can see the steam coming out of one's mouth upon breathing -- is not helping. But director Lee Tae-gon, who started filming early morning, braces himself for the shoot by saying, "What is there for me to be cold about," and on-screen groom Jung Kyung-ho chases away the cold by chanting several times "I love you!", the climactic moment from the wedding scene. When Lee Min-jung, who had barely been avoiding the cold weather with a coat over her wedding dress, makes a hectic entrance to the set, a herd of young boy fans in school uniforms approach to hand her warm soybean milk. They are ecstatic to see Lee Min-jung greet them with a smile, and the incident looks to be an unforgettable piece of memory for the boys.

When the stubborn father of the bride Jung-gil (played by Kang Suk-woo) shows up late, the guests who had been painfully waiting in the cold, clap their frozen hands. And to the onlookers watching delightedly on the road adjacent to another road where trucks and motorcycles zip by, a considerate member of the crew yells out, "Come on in and watch! " while another groans, "I am not going to an outdoor wedding from now on." Housewives from the neighborhood also give their heartwarming offers, saying they will be "guests if the ceremony has not yet started."
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