E Ji-ah says is receiving treatment for paralyzed heel

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Actress E Ji-ah poses during a photo session of a press screening for her film "My Love, Ugly Duckling" at a CJ CGV theatre in Seoul, South Korea on November 4, 2009. [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

Actress E Ji-ah, who was reported to be suffering from leg paralysis, turned up at a press screening for her new film on Wednesday and revealed that her heel is paralyzed.

"My heel started to become paralyzed toward the end of shooting TV series 'Style'," the actress explained to reporters during a press screening for "My Love, Ugly Duckling". "I can't lift up my foot right now and can't put any pressure on it."

E, who had to receive support to enter the theatre where the press conference took place, said she is currently undergoing receiving physical therapy and expects to recover soon.

Her agency had said last week that the paralysis was a temporary symptom caused from overwork and stress.

The 28-year-old actress will be making her big screen debut with "Duckling" opposite actor Kang Ji-hwan from film "My Girlfriend is an Agent". Set for release on November 5, it is the first of the telecinema series jointly produced by Korea and Japan.
E made her debut in MBC's hit TV series "The Story of the First King's Four Gods" as Suzini, the love interest of Hallyu star Bae Yong Jun.

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