BIFF: Day 2 Begins with Introduction of Film Giants

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The 17th Busan International Film Festival starts its second day in Busan, South Korea, on October 5, 2012. [Kim Min-young/10Asia]

The 17th Busan International Film Festival starts its second day in Busan, South Korea, on October 5, 2012. [Kim Min-young/10Asia]

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Busan International Film Festival [BIFF] Chief Director Lee Yong-kwan has expressed his gratefulness toward film auteurs flying miles to attend Asia’s biggest film festival.

On the second day of the 17th BIFF, October 5, local and international reporters flocked to the Shinsege Centum’s Culture Hall in Busan to find out what the motivations were for them to become the jury.
“It’s a great pleasure to be back in Busan. It was 12 years ago my first time here, and I’ve amazed how the festival has grown. It is probably one of the most important film festivals in the Asian region to make all of us to come and see films,” Cameron Bailey, co-director of Toronto Film Festival began to session.

Led by Jury Head Aurturo Ripsetin, the Mexican film master, Bailey is one of the five jury members of Flash Forward program which introduces eight early works by emerging directors from Non-Asian countries, focusing on wounds of community or individual this year.

Korean female filmmaker Byun Young-joo, also in charge of judging in Flash Forward, exuded her excitement by saying, “I’ll do my best picking out the film worth to be watched by more people, since the winning films of BIFF could earn bigger chances to open in theaters.”
Sitting at the table next are four film veterans who spoke out their thoughts about the festivity and their determinations to be part of it by joining jury member of New Currents category of the ongoing ceremony.

“For me it’s very important to see some new and fresh films because I still believe in films and what we are doing is important. I hope to see some joy, happiness, suffering, the total of life. This is my expectations [for the festival and New Currents program],” the Jury Head Bela Tarr, an acclaimed Hungarian auteur, said firmly.

Jury member Kawase Naomi, Japanese documentary director, stressed out the importance of Busan-based festival by saying that the role of such festivals plays a critical role of tightening the relations between Asia and other regions.

“As a filmboy, I'm honored to be one of the judges of New Currents program. With this event, I can appreciate the meaning of cinema once more and learn what kind of message films deliver to the audience,” Korean movie star Jung Woo-sung, who joined the jury member for the first time, revealed his resolution.

Giving a glimpse of Asian cinema’s future, New Currents program will show ten of the most challenging and experimental films. This year, the competition looks tougher than previous editions since it has narrowed down the number of selections for the in competition segment.

The festival, screening 304 films of different genres submitted from 75 countries, will wrap up its ten days festivity with Bangladeshi director Mostafa Farooki’s “Televison” on October 13.

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