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5 things to remember for your synaesthetic experience at JIMFF

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The outdoor theater and concert stage at the JIMFF [JIMFF]

The outdoor theater and concert stage at the JIMFF [JIMFF]

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A festival where people can enjoy both film and music fully is here once again. The eighth Jecheon International Music and Film Festival will kick off its seven-day schedule on August 9. The JIMFF, which is the first festival in Asia to screen music-themed films, can be the perfect place not just for film buffs but music fanatics, family audiences and everyone who needs a refresh from their daily routines this summer.


JECHEON, the host city of the fest, is a small scenic lakeside city of 140,000 in North Chungcheong Province, South Korea. The city has captured vacationers like a magnet with the scenic views of lake Cheongpung and mountains.

Like the motto of this years' event infers, "Just One More Step," the organizers are ambitious to provide even more pleasant memories by taking one more step towards well-organized facilities in the surrounding areas.

"Jadrak" trail is one of the changes made this year at the JIMFF. It is 58-kilometer-long trail divided into seven sections at the foot of a mountain near the venue. Perfect for appreciating the beauty of nature, the path corresponds with the event's intention to harmonize people and nature.
The official poster of the 8th JIMFF [JIMFF]

The official poster of the 8th JIMFF [JIMFF]

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Along with some changes, the organizers have accomplished a significant development in the INTERNATIONAL awareness part of the film program as well. The officials said during the press conference held in Seoul on July 10 that the number of foreign entries submitted for premieres at the eighth JIMFF jumped from 44 last year to 109. That means, the JIMFF getting its name recognized among overseas producers and directors.

The poster of the opening film "Searching for Sugar Man" [JIMFF]

The poster of the opening film "Searching for Sugar Man" [JIMFF]

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“The JIMFF is mostly known for its great outdoor concerts, and we are trying to focus on introducing some quality FILMS more this time,” Oh Dong-jin, the executive director of the JIMFF said during the press conference. He added that the movies will present the depth and breadth of the world’s music themed movies.

The fest will open with Swedish film “Searching for Sugar Man” by a director Malik Bendjelloul. The movie is based on the true story of American singer Sixto Rodriguez. When premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in January, it had received a standing ovation alongside some of the highest-rated foreign films.

Including the opening pic, 100 movies will be played during the seven days and a closing film will be selected by the juries from the movies in the competition section, "World Music Film Today."

The songstress Marketa Irglova [JIMFF]

The songstress Marketa Irglova [JIMFF]

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Above all things, the JIMFF is recognized to be an unique event for MUSIC enthusiasts, as about 50 artists from different genres are invited every year to perform. This year, the artists will perform in three different categories: “One Summer Night,” “Cinema Concert,” and “JIMFF Live Stage.”

An impressive list of famous artists that will grace the stage at the fest were introduced during the press conference. K-pop R&B and hip-hop artist Jay Park, the Korean legendary rock band Deulgukhwa, a singer and actor Marketa Irglova who started to star the indie movie “Once” and other great artists are scheduled to join the annual event.

Traditional Indian percussion instrument "Tabla" [JIMFF]

Traditional Indian percussion instrument "Tabla" [JIMFF]

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To keep the FESTIVAL spirit alive, the eighth JIMFF will bring further excitement by hosting various side activities such as a workshop for Indian percussion instrument Tabla, DIY clothing experience booth and traditional market tour. Most of all, 200 tents are prepared for reservation at a campground made from an abandoned airfield from this year. Relaxing in the campsite surrounded by well-preserved nature will be a great weekend getaway experience.

Further information about the JIMFF program is available on the official English website (http://jimff.org/en/index.asp).

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