Dongho from U-Kiss appears in "Royal Family" starting yesterday

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Dongho from U-Kiss [NH Media]

Dongho from U-Kiss [NH Media]

썝蹂몃낫湲 븘씠肄

Idol singer Dongho appeared in MBC's new primetime drama "Royal Family" starting last night.

Dongho from K-pop group U-Kiss showed up as the son to female lead Yum Jung-ah in MBC's new Wednesdays and Thursdays series "Royal Family," which kicked off yesterday with other main cast members Ji-sung and Cha Ye-ryun.
In the show about a women who leads a turbulent life within a conglomerate family, Dongho plays Jo Dong-joon who is a brilliant student studying abroad and is set to enter Harvard but is also calculative enough to ask his mother to give up her parental rights for the sake of his future.

“Although I’ve taken part in films and sitcoms, I was extremely nervous on my first day of shooting because this is my first time trying my hand at a conventional drama. Thankfully, Yum who is starring as my mother, is helping me a lot along the way,” Dongho was quoted as saying in the statement released by his agency NH Media on Wednesday.

Dongho has already appeared in film “Villain and Widow” (2010) and has lately been cast in upcoming pic “My Black Mini-dress,” variety show “Happy Together” and sitcom “Real School.”
Dongho, whose real name is Shin Dong-ho, debuted in 2008 as a member of U-Kiss also composed of other members Alexander, Ki-bum, Soohyun, Ki-seop and Eli, Kevin whose name stands for “Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star.”

His band also advanced to Japan last year and saw their first Japanese album "First Kiss” place second on the prestigious Oricon daily music chart on the same day of its release last December.

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