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Lee Hyori says "was once attracted to Rain"

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Korean pop singers Rain (left) and Lee Hyori

Korean pop stars Lee Hyori and Rain are making news for saying that they were both attracted to each other at one point during their decade-long friendship.

They made the remark while making a guest appearance on MBC variety talk show "Come On Over," which aired Monday evening.
"Lee Hyori is a person who has a lot of charms," said Rain on the show. "She exudes an unbelievable aura on stage but she is like a vulnerable little girl in some ways."

He went on to say, "Hyori doesn't know this but I think she has a power that attracts men."

When Lee asked Rain if he ever thought about her in a romantic way, he answered, "There is no man who would not regard Lee Hyori as a woman."
Lee then admitted to once having felt romantic feelings for Rain. "There was one time when I thought of Rain as more than just a friend -- when I bumped into him at a tanning shop," explained Lee. "He was in the next room and I heard him taking his clothes off. I started to imagine things."

The two singers, both famous for their huge sex appeal, are known to be close friends to industry insiders. When Rain recently made a comeback to the local music scene, he reportedly said that he is happy to see "one familiar face" on televised music shows, referring to Lee, who also came out with a new album titled "H-Logic."

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