Park Jae-beom fan meeting sold out in HK and Taiwan

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Promotional image of Park Jae-beom's fan meetings [MC Culturepia]

Korean singer Park Jae-beom’s fan meetings have sold out in Hong Kong and Taiwan, according to event promoter MC Culturepia on Monday.

MC announced in a press release that tickets for his fan event in Hong Kong and Taiwan sold out three days ago, on the first day of going on sale over the weekend.
"We were happy to have heard the news [of the tickets selling out]," said Tinzar Sherma, Vice President of Marketing & Events at Digital Media who manages Park. "The fans have always been supportive of him and we are planning on scheduling more dates in other Asia countries as well as North America."

An official from MC told Asia Economic Daily over the phone that they have yet to set the rest of the dates for Park's fan events in Asia but are aiming for early September.

The first stop on the fan tour will be the Hwajeong Tiger Dome located in Korea University in Seoul on August 28 and continue on into Taipei, Shanghai, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.
Park, 23, is a Korean-American singer who debuted as the leader of popular K-pop band 2PM but he left the group and the country last September when controversy fired up over remarks he had written on his MySpace account while a trainee at agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE).

Park had been staying in the U.S. since, dancing with his b-boy crew Art of Movement and singing with U.S. online media company Digital Media Wire (DMW) to manage his career in the entertainment business.

He returned to Korea on June 18 to begin filming for the b-boy pic "Hype Nation." His solo debut single "Count on Me" will be released tomorrow.

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