TV series "No Limit" ends in 16 episodes

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The last episode of MBC TV series "No Limit" will air on November 4, ending the sports drama in 16 episodes of showing, according to the broadcaster on Friday.

The premiere date for the channel's next drama "Hero" had been pulled up to November 11, but it had not been expected that the Wednesday and Thursday night drama would end without completing its showing for the week.
"The drama will end on Wednesday and we'll be showing a documentary from overseas during that timeslot on Thursday," a producer at MBC told 10Asia over the phone.

Chung Yun-ho, member of one of South Korea's most successful idol groups TVXQ, had made his acting debut in the TV series but the drama had struggled with low ratings of between three to five percent.

"Hero", about a group of youngsters who rebel and fight against a corrupt society, will star some of Korea's most popular actors including Lee Jun-ki, Kim Min-jeong and Baik Yoon-shik.

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