Ko Hyun-joung wins grand prize at MBC Acting Awards

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Top Korean actress Ko Hyun-joung won the grand prize at the MBC Acting Awards, held at MBC's Open Hall on Wednesday.

Ko, who won rave reviews for her portrayal of royal concubine Mi-shil in historical drama "Queen Seon-deok", won the year's top crown while many of her co-stars also collected their share of awards.
"I believe there was a moment when Mi-shil really came to life [during the show]," said Ko in her acceptance speech. "I was very nervous because I had never done a traditional drama before, but thank you for giving me the opportunity to wear a dress like this." The actress got teary and emotional when she added, "I hope my kids are watching this..."

"Seon-deok" -- which was also voted Drama of the Year -- was handed a total of 12 awards, winning the count over another hit drama "Queen of Housewives", which won 7 in total. Writers of both dramas were awarded Writer of the Year at the event.

"Seon-deok" actors Lee Yo-won and Kim Nam-gil won the Best Television Couple award for their romantic storyline in the show.
"I think I was able to win this Best Couple award because I met a great character called Bidam," actress Lee Yo-won said in her acceptance speech. "I would like thank the viewers who loved Deok-man and Bidam."

Kim Nam-gil shared his sentiments as well. "I was a bit disappointed because we didn't get a happy ending for the drama," said Kim in his speech. "I was very angry with the writer but I'm glad we got a happy ending to our romance with this award. Thank you to all the viewers."

"2009 MBC Acting Awards - List of Winners"

▲ Grand Prize : Ko Hyun-joung (Queen Seon-deok)

▲ First Prize - Male : Uhm Tae-woong (Queen Seon-deok), Yoon Sang-hyun (Queen of Housewives)
▲ First Prize - Female : Lee Yo-won (Queen Seon-deok), Kim Nam-joo (Queen of Housewives)

▲ Second Prize - Male : Kim Nam-gil (Queen Seon-deok), Choi Chul-ho (Queen of Housewives)
▲ Second Prize - Female : Ko Na-eun (Jewel Bibimbap), Lee Hye-young (Queen of Housewives)

▲ Best Newcomer - Male : Yoo Seung-ho, Lee Seung-hyo (Queen Seon-deok)
▲ Best Newcomer - Female : Seo Woo (Tamra, The Island), Lim Joo-eun (Soul)

▲ Golden Actors - Mini Series : Kim Chang-hwan, Na Young-hee (Queen of Housewives)
▲ Golden Actors - Long-term Series : Jeong Hye-seon, Kim Young-ok (Jewel Bibimbap)
▲ Golden Actors - Supporting Actors : Ahn Gil-gang, Seo young-hee (Queen Seon-deok)
▲ Golden Actors - Senior Actors : Kang Nam-gil (Creating Destiny), Jeong Ae-ri (Good Job Good Job, Can't Stop)

▲ People's Choice - Male : Lee Jun-ki (Hero), Seo Woo (Tamra, The Island)

▲ Best Televison Couple : Lee Yo-won & Kim Nam-gil (Queen Seon-deok)

▲ Drama of the Year : "Queen Seon-deok"

▲ Producer of the Year : Shin Goo (Queen Seon-deok)

▲ Writer of the Year : Kim Young-hyun, Park Sang-yeon (Queen Seon-deok), Park Ji-eun (Queen of Housewives), Ryu Mi-na (radio show writer)

▲ Young Actors : Nam Ji-hyun (Queen Seon-deok), Jun Min-seo (Good Job, Good Job), Lee Hyung-seok (Enjoy Life)

▲ Radio - Best Newcomer : Taeyeon (Taeyeon's Good Friend)
▲ Radio - Second Prize : Park Myung-soo (Two O'clock Date), Shindong (Stop The Boring Time)
▲ Radio - First Prize : Son Seok-hee (Eyes Focused)

▲ Special Award : Oh Sang-jin (anchorman), Seong Seon-nyeo (voice actor), Choi Han (voice actor), Kim Seong-shil (martial arts director), Won Ho-seop (voice actor), Lee Sang-eun (reporter), Choi Soo-hyun (radio reporter), Jang Jin (film director)

▲ Family Award : "Enjoy Life"

▲ Life Achievement Award : Park Jeong-ran (TV drama writer, "I Love You, Don't Cry"), Choi Jae-ho (actor), Heo Goo-yeon (baseball commentator), Lee Seok-young (radio program writer)

Reporter : Park So-yoen
Editor : Lynn Kim
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