Kim Bum to promote TV series "Still, Marry Me" in Japan this week

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Korean actor Kim Bum [King Kong Entertainment]

Korean actor Kim Bum [King Kong Entertainment]

썝蹂몃낫湲 븘씠肄

Korean actor Kim Bum will promote his TV series "Still, Marry Me" in Japan this week, according to his agency King Kong Entertainment on Monday.

King Kong announced in a press release that Kim will fly into Japan on Wednesday for interviews and photographs sessions with various local media outlets to promote MBC's drama "Still, Marry Me" which will air in the country on Fuji TV starting February 18.
"Kim Bum wanted to visit Japan to promote 'Still, Marry Me' and hopes that the show will become a huge hit in the country," an official from King Kong was quoted as saying. "He will be very busy meeting with a number of media outlets and about 100 fans for a special fan meeting."

"Still, Marry Me," written by scenarist Kim In-young and helmed by Kim Min-sik and Lee Sang-yeop, tells the story of a woman in her mid-thirties named Lee Shin-young (played by actress Park Jin-hee) who begins dating a younger man named Min-jae (played by Kim) who is a musician.

Kim made his debut in 2006 and has starred in several dramas and movies such as MBC's sitcom "High Kick" and KBS' popular hit series "Boys Over Flowers" alongside Korean stars Ku Hye-sun and Lee Min-ho.
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