"Master of Study" set reveals it truly has achieved it all

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"First place, Bong-goo. Second, Hyun-jung. Third, Chan-doo. Mmm, how about these two? Last place is likely to go to Pul-ip." This is not the time where mid-term report cards are being handed out. As the crew organize the desks and finish prepping to shoot a new scene at the Su-won set of KBS TV series "Master of Study", the students in a special class of Cheonha University start to take their seats, one by one. Director Yoo Hyun-ki ranks the students by their order of entrance but he does not scold them severly like [main character] Kang Seok-ho does. Director Yoo Hyun-ki simply blinks his eyes when, to his surprise, Go Ah-sung comes in first, followed by Yoo Seung-ho who is wearing only a T-shirt. "Why did you take off your clothes? Did you work out? You are in shock from filming the scene where you did a hand-stand, huh?" When Yoo Seung-ho -- who cannot help panting after doing shoulder exercises in the classroom next door -- responds by giving the director a grin, Lee Hyun-woo grins, Ji-yeon grins, Go Ah-sung grins and Lee Chan-ho grins as well. My, taking a photograph of this moment would be like watching the best high-teen drama.

Despite the controversy the show has brought on about the belief that getting into a good school is all that matters, one finds oneself getting lost in watching the adorable elements of "Master of Study". However, one can outrightly declare that the moment when the teenage actors look the loveliest and shine the most is when they are laughing, making noise and goofing around with one another. For example, when Kang Baek-ho angrily scolds, "Hwang Baek-hyun, do you think you can score higher than 70?" Ji-yeon, who had been holding the reflector instead of a crew member to light Yoo Seung-ho, shakes her head as if to say "Noooo~". Or when Lee Hyun-woo walks by a staff member on the set, gives him a scowl and plays a prank. Or when Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Hyun-woo talk about the script and break into huge grins. During such moments, we witness a glitter that is only possible at that particular moment and around their particular age, making the story they are shooting seem less important. Mr. Director, we will guarantee high ratings so please make us a special episode composed only of footage behind-the-scenes.

Reporter : Wee Geun-woo
Photographer : Chae ki-won
Editor : Lynn Kim, Jang Kyung-Jin, Lee Ji-Hye
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