"MIB 3" repels "All About My Wife" at weekend box office

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Poster of "Men in Black 3" [All That Cinema]

Poster of "Men in Black 3" [All That Cinema]

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Hollywood franchise "Men In Black III" debuted at No. 1 on box office chart over the weekend, knocking "All About My Wife" down to the second place.

Will Smith's return to the latest installment of the alien-zapping film won big during the weekend of the film's debut in local box office, after hauling in 1,064,547 ticket sales between May 25 and 27, the Korea Box Office Information System (KOBIS) showed.
"MIB 3," which had its world premiere open in Seoul, South Korea, on May 7, already attracted 139.785 movie goers on the day of its first premiere, Thursday, and is expected to have sold more tickets on Monday's national holiday.

"All About My Wife," the Lim Soo-jung and Lee Sun-kyun's romantic comedy saga, slid down to No. 2 with 610,994 tickets sold during the same period, the data showed.

Entering the chart last week, the film made a strong appeal to the audience by displaying comic events, yet realistic emotions, between a long-married couple intervened by a casanova in their lives.
With the two movies seeing growing numbers of tickets sales everyday, "The Avengers," which topped the chart for four straight weeks from April 21, was pushed down to the third place with only 260,686 tickets sold.

Coming in next at No. 4 is director Im Sang-soo's "The Taste of Money," which was also the ending pic at the 2012 Festival De Cannes held in Cannes, France from May 16 to 27.

Rounding up the top five, Ha Ji-won and Bae Doona's "Korea" dropped down a rung again with 86,339 tickets sold between Friday and Sunday, the figure showed.

Other features in the top ten include "Snow White and the Huntsman," "Inazuma Eleven Go To The Movie," "Machine Gun Preacher," "Mirror, Mirror" and "Eungyo."

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