[Notice]Effective asset allocation is key to super aging society

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Invitation to 'The First Global Asset Allocation Forum'

As investment target is getting more specialized and diversified, financial companies concern of returning clients profit that surpass money market rate is
getting deeper.
If there is a product that targets for more that 5% profit annually, they say it would collect all the floating money.

This is why effective asset allocation from stock, bond, foreign currency to derivatives is becoming a 'big issue' nowadays.

Also, facing super aging society, building portfolio which targets for profit rate that exceed market profit rate is urgent problem for every member of our society.
Therefore, on June 10, Asia Business daily is holding a forum called 'The First Global Asset Allocation Forum' to find out advanced asset allocation strategy with
Chairman of National Policy Committee, Jung hoon Kim.

National Pension Service and major pension fund's Chief Investment Officer(CIO) will share their asset allocation know-hows and will have an opportunity
to learn global asset management companies' asset allocation strategies.

▲Date: June 10(Tuesday), 2014 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

▲Venue: Seoul, Yeouido, KOFIA(Korea Financial Investment Association) Bull's hall(3rd floor)

▲Organizers: Asia Business Daily, ASIA PAX, member of the National Assembly Jung hoon Kim(Chairman of National Policy Committee)

▲Sponsors: FSC(Financial Service Commission, FSS(Financial Supervisory Service), KRX(Korea Exchange), KSD(Korea Securities Depository), KOFIA(Korea Financial Investment Association),
NPS(National Pension Service), KIC(Korea Investment Corporation), KCMI(Korea Capital Market Institute)

▲Fee: 300,000 KRW(Lunch included)
※ Registration before May 30 will be free.

▲Further inquiries: Asia Business Daily Securities Dept.(02-2200-2081/2)

※ If you want to register, click the button below!!

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