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2PM releases new single album online today

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Korean boy band 2PM on the cover of their new single "Don't Stop Can't Stop" [JYP Entertainment]

Korean boy band 2PM has released their new single album "Don't Stop Can't Stop" in digital format today, according to a press release by agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) on Monday.

JYPE explained that the six-member group has unveiled their third single album containing a total of six tracks, ahead of the record's hard copy going on sale Thursday.
"Through this single, fans will be able to see that 2PM members and their music have matured," an official at JYPE was quoted as saying. "We ask for your great anticipation and attention."

Song "Stop" sings of the difficult times 2PM has gone through and their will to overcome such times from the love and support of their fans.

Title track "Without U" shows how a man gets back on his feet after being betrayed by the woman he loves.
2PM originally debuted as a seven-member band in September 2008 and quickly became one of the hottest idol groups in Korea with hits such as "10 Points Out of 10 Points" and "Again & Again".

The group made headlines last September when it was revealed that former leader Park Jae-beom had written several controversial remarks -- including "I hate Korea" -- on his MySpace pages before his debut.

It sparked instant outrage in the country, leading to Park quitting the band and leaving Korea four days after his comments became public.

With fans pleading for his return, Park was expected to be reinstated into the group and come back to the local music scene this year.

However, agency JYPE announced last February that it would terminate its exclusive contract with the singer due to "a huge personal wrongdoing" on his part.

The remaining members -- Junsu, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung -- made a successful comeback as a six-man band, releasing their first full-length album "1:59 PM" in November and branching out to various solo activities as well.

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