[INTERVIEW] Choi Daniel - Part 2

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10: Then what sort of man do you think Lee Ji-hoon is, regardless of whether you are right or wrong.
Choi: I think he's a great guy. There are just certain things in life you have to do, such as saying a hello or pretending to smile, because its just basic manners. But Ji-hoon isn't like that. He'll do what he needs to do, say that it's all that matters and just walk away. I think that is what's so great about him -- having the courage to be someone who you rarely find in society. He could be ostracized for it if he gets unlucky. I guess you could say that he doesn't use unnecessary energy? I think that's why although he seems indifferent toward Jung-eum, his actions such as being nice to her keep appearing on the side.

10: That's actually what people are most interested in. He didn't say much after their kiss but spent Christmas Eve together, didn't say much again after that but declared she is his girlfriend. What's going on in his mind?
Choi: I'd give you an explanation if I had seen the full script but it keeps changing so I too don't exactly know what he's thinking. My prediction is that he doesn't want to tie her down but treat her well and take care of her. And when Jung-eum got frustrated because of it, he says he is her girlfriend to make her feel secure. It's hard to express it in words.
10: Then what do you think are the feelings he has for Se-gyeong?
Choi: I think Ji-hoon is someone who became an adult without going through growing pains. He did not get along with kids his age when he was young, he wasn't able to tell his friends not to leave when they do... so I think he ended up learning to enjoy himself while observing others. I think the reason he works so hard is because as he became a doctor, his family kept telling him he is doing a good job which would make him feel he is being loved by them. But Se-gyeong is experiencing growing pains. Ji-hoon sees this, feels sorry for her in a way and gets to realize his own trauma. Jung-eum on the other hand is someone who has a bright side to her -- something that Ji-hoon doesn't have. People are bound to be attracted to those who have aspects that they themselves don't have.

10: So would you say that one of them calls attention to Ji-hoon's weakness and the other helps him forget about that weakness?
Choi: I guess you could but I think the significance to their relationships will deteriorate if you explain them on such extreme terms. The reason I'm still a bit cautious about saying all this is because I'm just talking about my personal thoughts. I don't want to create any misunderstandings or preconceptions to viewers. I think both the viewers and I will be able to get a clearer picture when there is an episode shown from Ji-hoon's perspective. Right now, we're closer to being in the dark.

10: It seems that you believe an actor should only talk about his character through the film or drama.
Choi: That's right. I'm the type that draws a firm line between my work and my life outside it.
10: I get the feeling that you're very prudent and hence you'll be very thorough about your work.
Choi: I actually sometimes refuse to yield to things I'm serious about to a ridiculous extent. I never yield when I have a justifiable reason and when it's not wrong from even from an objective standpoint. For example, if I don't agree with someone's opinions, I become sensitive to the point where it'll seem strange.

10: In that sense, I don't think it would have been an easy to establish your character in the beginning. You mentioned before that you had to settle the difference of opinions you had with the producer and writer in doing so. Hence, it seems unlikely you found a simple answer to it through conversation but more in the form of feedback after several rounds of clashes.
Choi: That's right. It's more of feedback than working with a set answer. And it means I'm trying to be open-minded because I wouldn't want to make the error of making misjudgements by just thinking to myself.

10: Then how do you overcome situations where there is a large gap between what you and the producer predicted?
Choi: Sometimes we'll shoot in both the way I think, the way he thinks and then choose one, or shoot it after finding a medium between the two.

10: I do think a sharp attitude is necessary in helping an actor find his own acting.
Choi: That's why it saddens me when I hear rumors or see articles about actors who supposedly have bad tempers. For example, say you have to shoot a scene where you have to tell the other person you love them. But you're not actually on good terms with that person because you got into an argument or something. You'll still have to go into shoot and say you love them which is unbearably annoying. But if it just so happens that a bus drives by and you have to shoot that scene all over again, you'll really get annoyed. But rumors or reports leave out the context and say 'Who and who has a bad temper on set'. Who would want to be mean on purpose though?

10: If you were a regular employee at some company, that rumor would just spread within your organization and you may even be able to resolve any misunderstandings. But it's not like that with actors.
Choi: If I asked for everything I needed on set, it was justifiable and I did my job, I don't think I'd pay much attention to whatever weird stories people would say about me afterward. But I don't want my place in this industry to diminish. So in the end (laugh) I hope there won't be such rumors about me.

10: This work seems to be very important to you.
Choi: I used to be a teenager without dreams or hope. But I happened to come across an audition posting, made it into this industry and since then, have spent a lot of time thinking seriously about this work since it's not easy job. I realized at one point that this is the only thing I can do. I don't have a particular skill, I'm not smart, I can't dance and I can't sing. But this is the only thing within my power that I have the chance to be good at. That's why I've so desperately chased this -- with the thought that I'll die if I can't be an actor. And I think that's why I've become so sensitive about acting. It's simply so that I can live, rather than being some kind of greed.

10: Then what is it that you want to gain or are already gaining through this work? It doesn't seem like you exactly want to become a star.
Choi: A place in this industry? I think I've become someone that is needed somewhere. I wouldn't refuse living in splendor through acting. It's great living at ease. But before I became an actor, nobody would know me even if I had died. But I've now become someone who is needed at some places. And I've become someone who can do something. That's the biggest thing in it for me. That's why it's even more special for me and I'm very thankful about it.

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun, Wee Geun-woo
Photographer : Chae ki-won
Editor : Jessica Kim, Lee Ji-Hye
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