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[REVIEW] MBC TV series "Flower, I Am" - 1st Episode

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Scene from MBC TV series "Flower, I Am" [MBC]

Scene from MBC TV series "Flower, I Am" [MBC]

MBC TV series "Flower, I Am" - Wednesday/Thursday 9:55 p.m.
Nothing was new or special about the way Cha Bong-sun (E Ji-ah) and Seo Jae-hee (Yoon Si-yoon) met -- she was a policewoman who held a one-man demonstration saying that her rights as a citizen of her country comes before her duties as a police officer while he was a parking lot attendant imitating TV series "Undercover Boss" while hiding the fact that he is actually a C.E.O. But from the moment that they coincidentally met, Bong-sun cynically remarked, "You dropped your eyeballs" and Jae-hee returned the remark indifferently. And such situations were repeated in the first episode of MBC's "Flower, I Am." However, while the incidents that occurred were not particularly believable or refreshing, the characters' attitudes in dealing with such situations were somewhat different. Bong-sun, who had no responsibility nor an ounce of pride as a police officer, delivered the exhaustion and boredom she felt from daily life and Jae-hee, whose thoughts are hard to read, is not the typical heir to a conglomerate-type main male character. At the same time, other characters such as Hwa-young (Han Go-eun) who is co-C.E.O with Jae-hee, consultant Tae-hwa (Cho Min-ki) with his devious face, and Dal (Seo Hyo-rim) who uses her mind to figure out how to get designer products, imprinted their faces in the minds of viewers as well.

That is why it can be said that "Flower, I Am" is half a success, the characters having settled within the show without exaggeration or awkwardness accounting for the first half and the gap between those characters accounting for the remaining half. Hence what will stand out from now on is not the relationships between these characters that will change but their briefly noticeable pasts and pains. Jae-hee is not the only one living two lives. The characters may seem linked to each other yet are isolated and are hiding their true selves for different reasons. That is why although every character emerged quite clearly, the first episode felt ambiguous. It was by chance that Bong-sun came to start receiving counseling but the process of it is the process of healing that this drama is striving to portray and will become the process of the characters finding their true selves that they have hidden away. That is why the remaining half must be about filling in the gaps between the characters' relationships. And the bickering between the main male and female character will not do this. Will "Flower, I Am" have more prepared?

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