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By innovating digitally across the entire spectrum of content production, processing, and distribution, the Asia Business Daily has solidified its position as the premier digital economic media outlet in Korea.

  • Annual visitors
    130 M Plus Icon
  • Annual article output
    160,000 Plus Icon
  • Monthly average screen time
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  • Regular readers
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※ Based on Naver's statistics as of January 2024 and the Asia Business Daily's own mobile website statistics.

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Beginning in 2024, we're enriching our coverage of economic and industrial trends in key overseas regions, incorporating local perspectives. This expansion is made possible through licensing agreements and strategic partnerships with top international media outlets such as Bloomberg in the United States, South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, and the Economic Daily News in Taiwan. Furthermore, we regularly feature columns by Korean professors from prominent universities abroad.


# Bloomberg

Bloomberg Bloomberg
Bloomberg, from which Asia Business Daily receives opinion content under a licensing agreement, is a media group established by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. It offers a 24-hour economic news service. It is considered one of the world's top three economic news services, alongside Reuters and Dow Jones.

# South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post South China Morning Post
The Asia Business Daily receives opinion content from the South China Morning Post under a licensing agreement. Established in 1903, the South China Morning Post is Hong Kong's premier English-language newspaper. It has consistently ranked at the top in local media trustworthiness surveys.
Economic Daily News (Taiwan)

# Economic Daily News (Taiwan)

Taiwan Taiwan
The Asia Business Daily collaborates with The Economic Daily News (Taiwan) through strategic partnerships, exchanging articles. Established in 1967, the Economic Daily News is Taiwan's pioneering economic newspaper and remains revered as Taiwan's foremost business magazine. It provides financial digital services under United Daily News, Taiwan's leading media company.

Overseas writers



  • Keystone Private Equity (PE), the majority shareholder, has made history as the first Korean media company to donate approximately 5% of its total shares to the Employee Stock Ownership Association, a representative employee organization, in July 2023. This move positions the association as the company's third-largest shareholder. As a result, we have significantly broadened avenues for management participation.

    The Asia Business Daily Shareholder Status
    아시아경제 우리사주조합 지분 5% 확보…주요 주주로 아시아경제 주주현황 아시아경제 우리사주조합 지분 5% 확보…주요 주주로 아시아경제 주주현황
  • Following the strategic management decision of the majority shareholder, we diversified our sales and profit models by integrating the operating corporations of financial company A Capital and the global hotel chain 'Marriott Executive Apartments Seoul' as affiliates.
    아시아경제 A 캐피탈 메리어트 아시아경제 A 캐피탈 메리어트
  • In 2015, it achieved a significant milestone by becoming the inaugural Korean economic media outlet to be listed on KOSDAQ. This strategic move not only elevated its growth trajectory but also redefined its identity within the investment market, transitioning from solely a media company to a multifaceted participant in the financial landscape.
    아시아경제 증시보기 아시아경제 증시보기

Representative campaigns of The Asia Business Daily

    Korea's premier network for female business professionals. ‘WOMEN LEADERS FORUM’

    Unified by the strength and resilience of 'K Women', we are charting a new course, breaking barriers, and shifting paradigms to foster a culture of gender equality.

  • 10,000 steps, 1,000 characters a day
    we launched a nationwide 'brain health' project ‘10,000 steps, 1,000 characters a day’

    As we enter the centennial era, health is increasingly recognized as a crucial factor in both individual economic activities and national economic growth. Hence, as a nationwide initiative aimed at establishing a strong economic foundation for the centennial era, we are launching a campaign to encourage daily walks of 10,000 steps and the writing of 1,000 characters.

    10,000 steps, 1,000 characters a day


The Asia Business Daily is moving forward toward a better future.

  • 2024
    • Jun.

      AK Radio launched, featuring an economy-focused application

    • Mar.

      ‘K-Women School’ launched

  • 2023
    • Dec.

      The first Asia AI Awards

    • Sep.

      The first Alternative Investment Forum

    • Jun.

      The Asia Business Daily Nationwide Project - ‘10,000 steps, 1,000 characters a day’ launched

    • Apr.

      "Audio Paper" News, You Listen to launched

  • 2022
    • Nov.

      The first Seoul Future Forum

    • Sep.

      Gobal Wine and Food Trip

    • May.

      Economy and Media School

    • Mar.

      Eonomic specialized podcast - ‘APODT(The Asia Business Daily podcast)’

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