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"Clash of the Titans" topples box office again

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Hollywood action picture "Clash of the Titans" [Warner Brothers Picture]

Hollywood mythical picture "Clash of the Titans" proved unstoppable at the Korean box office in its second weekend, beating out nearly a handful of local and U.S. releases.

Estimates by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) on Monday revealed that "Titans" brought in 553,401 admissions during the weekend of April 9 to 11 to remain the most-watched film in the country.
"Titans," about the story of the fight between man and the gods set in the Greek city of Argos, stars famed actors Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes.

Korean murder comedy tentatively titled "Hi Murder," starring actors Yu Oh-seong and Kim Dong-wook, made its debut into the chart at No. 2 selling 186,690 tickets, while heist film "Pistol Bandit Band" dropped a spot from last week with 93,256 viewers.

Meanwhile, new releases "The Crazies" and "Leap Year" bowed into the box office at fourth and fifth with 73,802 and 50,911 admissions, respectively.
Other movies in the top 10 were "Green Zone," "Shutter Island," "Alice in Wonderland," "Looking For My Wife" and "Avatar."

Reporter : Lucia Hong
Editor : Jessica Kim
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