Choi Ji-woo to return to Chinese TV series in 9 years, teaming up with Qin Hao

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Choi Ji-woo [C JW Company]

Choi Ji-woo [C JW Company]

썝蹂몃낫湲 븘씠肄

Korean actress Choi Ji-woo has been set to return to Chinese TV series in nine years after starring in "101st Proposal," which had aired on about 30 channels including BTV.

Choi will be playing the female lead in "Lovers in the City" (translated title) with Chinese actor Qin Hao, who is best known for his role in director Lou Ye's 2009 film Spring Fever, according to her agency C JW Company on Wednesday.
While her SBS' hit series "Star's Lover" is being aired in China, the actress will fly to Beijing early next month to go into three-month-long shooting process.

In "Lovers in the City," Choi will portray a female C.E.O. at an event management company, while Qin plays a newly employed businessman at her firm.

The officials explained that this is going to be a pre-production and the series will likely air sometime next year on China's satellite TV channel.
Choi made her debut as an actress after passing MBC's talent audition in 1994. While she has many hit dramas and films under her belt, the actress became a household name after starring in 2002 hit KBS TV series "Winter Sonata."

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