[REVIEW] CSTV series "The Korean Peninsula" - 1st Episode

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A scene from CSTV series "The Korean Peninsula" [CSTV]

A scene from CSTV series "The Korean Peninsula" [CSTV]

썝蹂몃낫湲 븘씠肄

In brief
South Korea is about to succeed at developing North and South Korea's joint alternative energy source but does not share its core technology with the North. Because of this, North Korean civilian worker in the military Dong-gi (Gwak Hee-sung) is frigid toward the South Korean scientists and Jin-jae (Kim Jung-eun) is disappointed at Myung-joon (Hwang Jung-min) for not trusting her. In the meantime, while South Korean President Dae-hyun (Lee Soon-jae) and North Korean Premier Tae-sung (Seo Tae-hwa) watch their unified soccer team play in a match, Gook-chul (Jung Sung-mo) and Kyung-ok (Kim Ji-sook), against the opening of North Korea, succeed at staging a coup d'etat.

Best or Worst
Worst: The first episode to "The Korean Peninsula," which ended with a North Korean civilian worker in the military and South Korean agent pointing their guns at each other, was as serious and solemn as the subject it deals with. But the real reason the show was discomforting was that compared to how serious the show was, the way in which its characters were described was too predictable. Myung-joon was in danger at the beginning of the drama after jumping into the sea from a sense of responsibility, despite Jin-jae's strong dissuasion. And thereafter, Jin-jae moved about busily but failed to do anything in particular and all his colleagues did was shout to him, "Please come back." Then as the tension rose, Dong-gi, who is the most against cooperation between the two Koreas, saved Myung-joon which brought an end to the 14-minute long scene. The flow of the predictable crisis and outcome to it were as cliche as the grand music that played when Myung-joon got saved. The first episode to "Peninsula" was even more disappointing because it was similar enough to remind the viewer strongly of movie "Swiri" which also told about the love between a man and woman amidst conflict between the two Koreas.

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