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Kim Jeong-hoon to release new Japanese album today

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Korean singer and actor Kim Jeong-hoon [Mersenne Entertainment]

Korean singer and actor Kim Jeong-hoon [Mersenne Entertainment]

Korean singer and actor Kim Jeong-hoon, who is currently serving his mandatory two-year military service, will release a new Japanese album today.

An official at Mersenne Entertainment said Wednesday that Kim's latest album, whose title is translated into "Wait," will go on sale in Japan, 100 days ahead of his discharge from the military.

The songs listed in "Wait" were recorded before Kim entered the military and produced by famed Japanese producer Toshiaki Matsumoto and composer Komorita Minoru, who has worked with Japanese group SMAP, and composer Natsumi Watanabe who wrote BoA's hit song "Listen To My Heart."

The official also explained, "His official fan club in Japan will hold an event at a club in Tokyo titled 'John-Hoon NIGHT' to celebrate Kim's latest release. They have done it before in the past for his other albums and we have had thousands of fans attend the celebration."

He added that fans will be able to take part in tonight's festivities with the ticket that is included in his new album.
Kim, 30, made his debut as one of the vocalists in the duo UN in 2000. When the group disbanded in 2005, he branched out into acting, starring in several movies and TV series with his most notable role in MBC's hit TV series "Goong."

He expanded his singing career into Japan, releasing several albums including his seventh single "Blue Moon" which made its debut at No. 7 on Oricon's daily singles chart in July and ninth single "Ardente" which came in at No. 13 on the music chart on the day of its release in August.

Kim is currently serving as a DJ on military radio show "Kim Jeong-hoon's Voice Mail" at Korea's Defense Media Agency.

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