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[REVIEW] "2009 KBS Entertainment Awards"

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Korean comedienne Kim Shin-young at the 2009 KBS Entertainment Awards [KBS]

"2009 KBS Entertainment Awards" - KBS2 TV, Saturday 10:15 P.M.

The top prize of "KBS Entertainment Awards" went to emcee Kang Ho-dong for the second year in a row. It is rare for a variety show host to win back-to-back and there was much talk before the ceremony not only because Kang is the sort of love-him-or-hate-him character but also because he and rival Yoo Jae-seok are the two dominant forces in the Korean entertainment business. But the power of "Two Days and One Night" segment in variety program "Happy Sunday" also stood strong as ever this year, maintaining its reputation as an irreplaceable show by claiming the most trophies at the event.

But for those viewers who were waiting and hoping for a different result, the 150-minute festival might have felt dull. In fact, most year-end award ceremonies are dull and boring because the shows end up being like a wrap-up party for a select number of programs with the highest ratings instead of looking back at all the shows which aired throughout the year. Even this year, the "KBS Entertainment Awards" felt like a family party for "Happy Sunday", "Gag Concert" and "The Invincible Baseball Team" members rather than a festival for the entire KBS entertainment department. The event used to be one of the most festive award ceremonies because the comedic members -- represented by the "Gag Concert" cast -- set the tone in the audience and also because it was attended by many people in the industry, not just the winners -- as is the case with acting awards or music awards ceremonies. But this year it was so un-festive that, save for the shows mentioned above, all other entertainment programs were virtually non-existent.

The highlight of the night came when comedienne Kim Shin-young, who won Best Newcomer in the Show/Entertainment MC category, gave her now-legendary acceptance speech. As soon as she started her speech with "I didn't even win Best Newcomer in Comedy", she broke down completely and started crying hysterically. She started to say something again but went right back to crying like a baby. It was one of those rare, touching moments that one can only witness during award shows. She had unintentionally entertained the viewers and moved their hearts by crying during the best moment of her life. She cried innocent tears with absolutely no agenda that she even mentioned [popular variety program] "Infinity Girls" during the speech. It was the first time in a long time that I saw real tears on television.

- Written by Kim Kyo-seok

Editor : Lynn Kim
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