The Koxx eyes debut into U.S. music market

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The Koxx [Happy Robot Records]

The Koxx [Happy Robot Records]

썝蹂몃낫湲 븘씠肄

Korean indie band The Koxx will soon be making their singing debut in the United States music market, according to their agency Happy Robots Records.

A PR rep with Happy Robot told 10Asia over the phone on Thursday that the firm is in the process of forming a plan for The Koxx's debut into the U.S.
"We have yet to finalize a date though we are in discussions on their debut overseas which will hopefully be sometime this year," the official explained.

She added that the agency feels that The Koxx has a chance to make it in the United States since they have been chosen as the artist of the week by MTV IGGY last month.

In a poll conducted by MTV IGGY, the Koxx scored the most votes by fans in their artist of the week survey against other international groups including Big deal, Exercise One and Tripple Nipples.
The band has also placed in fourth on MTV IGGY's chart for "Best Beginnings: 2011 in 20 Debut Albums" last year.

The official then said that the group will focus on their activities in Korea and Asia.

"The Koxx was recently invited to Singapore's jazz, rock and R&B music fest MOSAIC MUSIC FESTIVAL which will take place on March 15. They will later take part in a music fest in Thailand."

The Koxx, composed of members Lee Hyun-song, Park Sung-bin, Shin Saron, Lee Soo-ryun and Shaun, made their debut in 2008.

The band has released a number of albums and performed at various local music festivals such as the Rainbow Festival and at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival.

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