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[PHOTO] Jung Yu-mi: I could've made my debut through H.O.T.'s agency

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Jung Yu-mi [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Jung Yu-mi [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

"I used to follow around H.O.T. and one day, was waiting in front of their office because I wanted to meet them when an official inside asked me to come in. And then I was taken to their rehearsing studio in the basement where I was asked to do several things after saying they want me to audition for them. So I sang and danced but they told me I probably wouldn't make a singer. [laughs] Instead though, they asked if I'd want to sign with them as an actor but the contract was seven years long so of course, my parents were against it because I was in high school. They did keep contacting me after that as well. And I was a bit disappointed because H.O.T. was there too. Since then, I've thought, 'My contract would've already ended by now,' and wonder whether that could've been an opportunity for me."

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