Park Si-yeon to make comeback to big screen

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Actress Park Si-yeon [Eyagyi Entertainment]

Korean actress Park Si-yeon will make her comeback to the big screen after a two-year hiatus, according to her agency Eyagi Entertainment.

On Thursday, Eyagi announced in a press release that Park will play the female lead in the upcoming film tentatively titled "Scent of a Woman" alongside actors Park Hee-soon and Joo Sang-wook.

"Scent of a Woman," helmed by director Kim Hyung-joon, is about a mysterious woman named Kim Soo-jin (Park Si-yeon) who plays mind games against detective Sun-woo (Park Hee-soon) while trying to catch her husband who is having affair.

"I was mesmerized by Kim Soo-jin while reading the scenario for the movie," Park was quoted as saying. "I am really excited that I get to play a character that is cool on the outside but is hurt and sad on the inside."

"Scent of a Woman" will crank in next year and is scheduled to open in theaters during the latter half of next year.
Park made her debut in the entertainment industry after placing second runner-up at the 2000 Miss Korea pageant. She has since appeared in many television dramas and films such as "Coffee House" (SBS, 2010) and "Marine Boy" (2008).

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