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Kim Hyung-joong[Jang Kyung-Jin/ 10Asia]
My name is Kim Hyun-joong, named by my grandfather.
I was born on July 16, 1989.
I have a sister who is three years younger than me. She wasn’t the type to compromise so we used to fight a lot when we were young. But after she went to high school she started to watch out for me like a big sister, fixing meals for me when I go home and dropping me a call before I do, things like that.
I recently visited my hometown in Jeonju to attend my sister’s graduation ceremony. Because I wanted to do a favor for her as a big brother, I had two of my model friends to accompany me to the ceremony dressed up nicely. We attracted a huge crowd of my sister’s friends which is probably perhaps because we were at an all girls’ high school. (laugh)
But the person that my sister really likes in KBS series “White Christmas” is (Kim) Young-gwang. She had Young-gwang’s photo as the main image on her cellphone. But even I have to admit he’s a really cool person.
At the audition for “White Christmas”I demonstrated one of the scenes from theatrical play “Hot Sea.” I played the part where a boy cries out, “It doesn’t matter if you naturalized because the blood inside you is the red, hot blood of Joseon!”to his brother who abandoned his family and became naturalized as a Japanese. I felt confident in doing it because I practiced that part for a whole month, 10 hours a day.
In “White Christmas,” the character who is closest to 'real' me is Mir, of course. I am a lot like him in that I behave mischievously and play pranks on people I become close with. I spend my free time playing martial arts with my colleagues on set.
The real me is actually very ordinary. Since I have lots of model friends with long hair and they wear eyeliner, I don’t stick out at all when I hang out with them. There is nothing unusual about me except for my hair color! (laugh)
When I first heard that I would play the role of Kang Mir who has short read hair and wears piercings, I was totally depressed. I’ve never had my hair dyed this bright before. There was a time I dyed my hair yellow when I was in 6th grade but it was closer to a light brown, certainly nothing close to this level.
The scene where all the boys of Sooshin High went topless for a snowball fight was something we were completely unprepared for at the time. We learnt that we were supposed to take our clothes off right before going into shoot. We hadn't even gotten toned for it! Everyone tried to hide their body by turning their backs to the camera during the snow fight. (laugh) The person who is most likely to have been prepared for such an unexpected situation like this would be… (Lee) Soo-hyun, perhaps?
I am 188 centimeters tall and I was always a head taller than the average kid ever since I entered elementary school. I think I got it from my mother’s side of the family.
I was the only one able to let my hair grow back in high school. School regulation had students have their hair close to a buzz cut but I explained to the principal that I plan to be a model and to pass the model exam, my hair needs to be long, so he made me an exception. My friends envied me… NOT. They all wanted to kill me. (laugh)
As my school was an all boys’ high school the pranks we play could get quite rough too. After P.E. class, when everyone gets back to class all thirsty, someone would take a glass of hot water, spill a bit of cold water on the surface which hides the steam for a second, and ask “Who wants a drink?” There was always someone who would fall for it and spit out the water the next moment. (laugh)
At college I lived in a dormitory. There were four people in one room and with some luck, one of them was an assistant instructor. So although the rule was that we can’t go outside after 10 o’clock and cannot order any meals from outside, we were able to bend some of those rules to go out late at night or order snacks late at night thanks to him.
The only reason I was able to endure a harsh and penniless life in Seoul was because of my friends. There was one friend who was running a shopping mall at the time. He took me to samgyeopsal (pork belly meat) places as much I want and even gave me cab money. If I was all alone at the time, I would have given up everything and gone back home.
I’m not good at drinking but I like the atmosphere of drinking. I usually drink with a few other model friends of mine including Jong-suk who appeared in SBS drama “Secret Garden.” Because everyone is a model that have to watch our weights, we try to control ourselves at first but after few drinks, it becomes “Ah who cares.” Then following day we'd all declare we’d never drink again but meet each other a week later and repeat the same thing over again. (laugh)
The best liquor is soju, and among them, the Chamisul Fresh brand. (laugh) (The best side dish for liquor?) Hmm… there is an izakaya in Shinsa-dong where they make real good ramen salad and Wagyu tataki. It's actually a place that one of my good friends run.
Once I earn lots of money I'm hoping to buy a house for my parents who have been through a lot while living their lives. Since I also promised my dad that I would buy him an expensive car when I was young -- I didn’t know what I was promising him at the time -- I would also like to keep that promise, too.
I would like to be an actor who can keep acting on a steady basis. I will work hard till people who say “Kim Hyun-joong is in this drama again. He’s in it again.” to “Wow, Kim Hyun-joong is in the show."

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