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Actor Choung Kyung-ho to enter military on Nov 30

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Actor Choung Kyung-ho [N.O.A. Entertainment]

Actor Choung Kyung-ho [N.O.A. Entertainment]

Korean actor Choung Kyung-ho will enter the military on November 30.

According to Choun's agency N.O.A. Entertainment, the 27-year-old actor will leave for the 306th draft located in the city of Uijeongbu of the Gyeonggi Province at the end of this month.

He will go through five weeks of basic training there and then be assigned a permanent base.

“I plan to take it all in a stride because this is a duty that every Korean man must uphold. I believe this will be an invaluable experience for my acting career. I’ll return more manly and mature two years later,” Choung was quoted as saying.

Choung, who suspended his activities after his weekend SBS drama "Smile, You" ended in March, he re-emerged to take part in a KBS drama special titled “The Great Gye Choon Bin" and global sharing program “Sweet Rain” which is part of MBC's variety talk show “Sunday, Sunday Night.”
Last August he also flew to Japan to meet with his fans there and hold his birthday party.

“Since we knew Choung would leave for military this year, we didn’t expect the date to get this delayed,” an official at Choung’s agency N.O.A. Entertainment was remarked as saying in the statement.

“However, he wanted to do something worthwhile before he leaves. That’s why he went for the KBS drama special which was a one-act play and took part in volunteer work in Vietnam through the variety show. He was satisfied with what he did.”

Choung made his debut in 2004 through mobile drama "5 Star." He rose to stardom in 2005 with the role he played in “Sorry, I Love You.”

Since then he has played both lead and supporting roles on the small and big screen including in dramas like “Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007),” “Princess Jamyung (2009),” and “Smile, You (2009)” and films such as “Gangster High (2006),” “Someone Dear is Far Away" and “Running Turtle (2009).”

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