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[INTERVIEW] Korean girl group miss A - Part 1

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miss A member Fei [10Asia/Chae Ki-won]
My name is Fei.
I was born on April 27, 1987 and I have a little brother who is 11 years younger than me. I feel like his mom because of the big age difference.
I started to learn Korean when I came to Korea in 2007. Everyone took Korean lessons together at the company and I learned a lot by watching Korean dramas. When I was in China, I enjoyed watching drama "Goong."
After I attended my first class at a Korean college, I couldn't adjust because of the way people greet each other. I once went to the bathroom during break but I didn't say hello to anyone because I didn't think it was necessary to greet anyone there. But people came up to me after class and said 'Why didn't you say hello?' I was even more baffled at the time because my Korean skills were poor.
I learned how to do the splits because I practiced it in dance school. I think it helped make things on stage a lot easier for our current song.
I didn't have any interest in hip-hop until I signed with JYP. I was more into jazz dance. I began to learn hip hop when I was a trainee and it was fun to dance to the rhythm. When it comes to dancing the movements you have to be smooth and what's appealing about hip-hop is that you can express yourself freely.
If I get the chance I would like to learn English. I am jealous of Min's English skills.
When I was trainee I would shop a lot near the bus terminal but now I go shopping at Myeong-dong or Coex. I would go to Dongdaemun a lot as well. I paid 20,000 won for the skirt that I'm wearing right now at Dongdaemun.
I sleep whenever I get some time between my activities and practice. I usually sleep for about four to five hours and I only get to sleep for two to three hours if we're more busy.
Korean jajangmyeon [black-bean-sauce noodles] is delicious. I didn't eat a lot of jajangmyeon in China but the only difference that I can point out between the two is that Korean jajangmyeon is black and Chinese jajangmyeon is red. Personally, I don't like the instant jajangmyeon.
I like to cook. At the dorms, I usually cook various foods like tomato egg soup, galbi, ramen and I eat it with the rest of the members. (Min: Oh, the tomato egg soup is just fantastic)

miss A member Jia [10Asia/Chae Ki-won]
My name is Jia.
I was born on February 3, 1989. I'm an only child.
My parents are in China and they don't realize how popular miss A is. After I showed them a video on the Internet all they said was, ' debuted? Congratulations.' But they were really surprised when they saw my pink hair. I first called my mom and said, 'Mom, I don't want you to be shocked but I want you to be prepared for this. I have to dye my hair pink.' I showed her a picture and she said, 'Oh, I didn't know a color like that existed. But how can you walk the streets like that?'
Whenever I went outside before I made my debut, I wore a thick hoodie to cover up my pink hair. People would ask me 'Is it that cold outside?' and I would just answer 'Ah...yes it's cold.' The people who don't know who we are stare because of the color of my hair.
People think that my hair is a wig. I saw a comment on a Chinese website that said, 'That wig must be expensive because it doesn't come off no matter how powerfully she dances.' I always dye my hair whenever my black roots begin to show.
I began to like hip-hop two months before I graduated from dance school. That's why I permed my hair and wore big pants and the teacher scolded me because I stood out and I looked like a boy. I got really angry when the teacher hit my head, telling me to tie my hair during lessons. Those kinds of actions aren't good. So I went to the bathroom to vent.
I learned a lot of daily Korean conversational skills while watching MBC's "We Got Married." I watched a lot of dramas like SBS' "Minamishineyo," KBS' "My Fair Lady" and KBS' "Full House," which stars Korean entertainer Rain. Before I came to Korea, I watched "Full House" several times because it was somewhat popular in China. And I met Rain when I came to Korea to sign with JYP. I thought to myself 'Oh, Rain is in the same company.'
I now use the honorific form of language even to people who are younger than me. I spoke casually to 2PM at first so they were surprised when I used honorific speech towards them and they told me to stop.
I watched the 2008 Beijing Olympics in Korea and I cheered loudly while holding onto the Chinese flag. I even cried. China did a great job but honestly I think my emotions came out because I was lonely. I don't think that would have happened if I was in China.
The most recent movie that I saw was "Street Dance." I really want to watch "Step Up 3." I love all dance films. The male lead is handsome and I also like pretty movies. (laugh) Among Korean actors, I like Korean actors Won Bin and Gang Dong-won. (10: We did an interview with Gang Dong-won before.) Oh, really? Is he the same? I watched "Secret Reunion," "WOOCHI' and "Romance of their Own."
A while back, I went to the Rihanna fan meeting that was held at Coex. I didn't know that we had to sign up at some website beforehand and so I wasn't allowed to go in. I had her CD and yelled loudly 'I love you, Rihanna!'
Whenever I see the names of the Korean subway stops, I see a lot of Chinese characters that we don’t use. In China 'dong' means a village in the mountains so it's interesting to see Cheongdam-dong and Myeong-dong. But Dongdaemun is okay. (laugh)
I haven't given much thought about the rookie of the year award performance but...if we do get it I will probably ask the fans 'Are you hot?' I will continuously ask them 'Are you hot?' 'Are you hot?' (laugh)

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